Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paris Day Four

Today was our last full day in Paris. We knew we had to really make a day of it, so we walked. Quite a bit.

First up was Sacre Coeur. Better known as the Sacred Heart church. Our only problem was on the way up we ran into a group of men. These men will try to tie some strings around your finger or wrist, pull it tight and then braid it. They will make you pay for them to take it off. They are incredibly intimidating. As we walked up, the managed to separate us. Stephen tried to get to me, but they were incredibly intimidating and in your face. When I finally yelled at the guy to back off he tried to trip and grab me. Lucky for him, I didn't knee him in the groin. Also, lucky for him Stephen didn't get to him afterwards.

Once we got past them, climbed a crap ton of stairs (sorry mom, I know I could say that more refinededly), we were rewarded with a beautiful church and an incredibly view.

After the chapel we walked around Montmartre, the Artist Quarter/district/place. It was full of little shops, artists and people. It was a beautiful area. We even walked around and saw where Van Gogh lived. Which was shown with a nice little plaque. 

I was practicing my proclamation. "Hear ye, hear ye..."

Like so:

After this we finally wound up right in front of the Moulin Rouge. Granted, we had to consult some maps. And while Stephen was looking at maps, I was doing this:

Attractive, huh?

(I didn't go inside dad, Just took a picture outside. Don't worry.)
After the Moulin Rouge, I guess we wanted to cleanse our souls or something? Because we headed to the Sainte Chapelle. Which was the chapel for royalty and royalty alone. It was under construction, but what we were able to see was pretty awesome 

Oh yeah, and we ate some really good (and very expensive. Sheesh) Ice cream. Because we couldn't leave Paris without eating some ice cream.

Next, Notre Dame! We saved the best for last.

Just to put in perspective how tall and huge it is!

That charming montage was thanks to Stephen taking pictures. I was just being completely normal.

 Notre Dame was beautiful, and big and impressive.

To be honest, by this time I just felt done. Really, really done. Done with cities and people and sights and everything. I think I just hit a wall of exhaustion and over stimulation. I don't like crowds and cities (I know, and I'm headed to India. Dumb idea?) but I am so grateful to have the opportunity. I just have to remember to take time to kind of download it all. Recharge so to say.

After Notre Dame we walked the streets, ate some food, ate some more food. And recreated a scene from Midnight in Paris (our favorite movie!) And then, we headed back to pack up.  Tomorrow is our last morning in Paris before we go to Germany!

You know the steps where they pick up Gil Pender? Yeah, these are them. 

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