Wednesday, May 21, 2014

London Day Three

Day three started out with Buckingham Palace. We strolled up just in time to watch the Changing of the Guard.

Guys, that thing is a piece of work. No joke. The number of people, a band, guys on horseback, people marching around..... wow. Honestly, it wasn't the most exciting thing that has ever happened. You literally watched some guys in beaver hats march in, and then march some more. And then a bigger group came in from the front gate playing music. Followed by more marching. There was much marching. And we watched it all. We started to take a video of it, until we realized the amount of marching back and forth involved. We decided it wasn't really worth it.

However, I do have a (poor quality) video of some of the music they were playing. I was shocked it wasn't more patriotic, God Save the Queen like stuff. 10 points if you can name the song! (Keep in mind I had no idea where the camera was pointing, and did the best I could. No judging)

At one point, during all the marching about and music playing, I sat in front of Buckingham Palace, during the changing of the guard, and ate a chocolate filled croissant. A perfect moment if there ever was one.

St James Park (If you really want to see how awesome it is, click on the picture!)

Buckingham Palace

A royal unicorn. Or at least that is what I am choosing to believe.

The marching in action. 

Us, in front of St James Park.

Green Park, corner of Hyde Park. A really beautiful place.

Us, not wanting to move ever again. Ever.

My new favorite picture

I have been so grateful that Stephen has done all of the navigating. He has gotten us everywhere we need to be. And I didn't really have to worry about it. Plus, if I was in charge of the map we probably would've been lost the entire time and spent our time looking at random alleys. Which isn't as exciting as the stuff Stephen has gotten us too. 

The gates at Buckingham Palace. And some random people and their kid. 
After Buckingham Palace, and the park (which was just lovely) we got ourselves rather turned around. And by rather I mean hopelessly. (this was the part of the trip where I was in charge of the map. Oops.) Stephen finally got us in the right direction. We stopped for a quick lunch and then hit up Westminster Cathedral. It is a crime of treason to take a picture inside a royal chapel, so we didn't. I might not be british, but the last time an American did the whole treason thing we had this big war and wrote some declaration and I really didn't think it was worth it in the end.

Outside of Westminster Cathedral

What happens when you give your husband the camera. Seriously, I have so many pictures that look just like this.
 After the cathedral, we made our way to the Imperial War Museum. We got off at the wrong stop and decided to get some pictures out of it. We got pictures of the London Eye and the Aquarium and the House of Parliament.
The London Eye!

House of Parliament

London Eye, Aquarium, Bus

In the end, we walked well over a mile only to find that the Imperial War Museum was closed. This was kind of really frustrating because we spent probably 1.5 hours trying to get there. But we rallied and hopped on a bus. We were going to go back to Westminster Abbey. But the bus was the wrong bus, so we went to the British Museum instead, because we are flexible like that. And it was such an incredible mistake! We got to see this limited time Viking exhibit. Stephen and I both love vikings. It was so cool to see some of the things they had. Including a life size replica of one of the warships. We didn't get to see the rest of the museum, so we are headed there tomorrow before we leave for Paris.
British Museum Grand Hall (the ceiling was incredible)

The British Museum

More of the British Museum

 After the British Museum we headed down to Picadilly Circus. They have some really cool shops, and that is where their China Town is located. Personally, I don't like that atmosphere. A bunch of stores, a ton of people... it isn't my thing. I like old buildings and nature, with not too many people. But Stephen loves that atmosphere. So we checked it out for a bit, grabbed some muffins (yum) and made a plan to get from Point A (Picadilly Circus) to Point B ( The Ace Cafe London).

Stephen loves cafe racers. So this was really important for him. We able to go and see it. It took a good hour of travel to get there, but it was well worth it. Stephen loved it! And the food was really good. I have no idea what kind of cheese they put on their burgers, but I want some. It was delicious.

Now, we are finally back at our room, all packed and ready to go to Paris. We leave in the mid afternoon tomorrow.

I am listening to the rain fall outside, and I am very much so ready for bed.

(the total number of miles we've walked since landing in London? 27! My feet hurt guys. But it is totally worth it!

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