Monday, April 1, 2013

Small Soul Scribbles

I have had questions as to why I have been so silent on the blog front.

I don't really have answers. I started a new job, and I have to be to work early in the morning. I do yoga almost every night which is an hour and a half out of my limited free time. And then the usual homework and housework fills in the cracks. I carve out time for my sweet husband, and then I am left with very little sleep.
I'm not sure why else I haven't blogged. I've had blog ideas. But I haven't felt the need. I don't know, it isn't the top of my list. Yoga trumps it. Husband time trumps it. Sleep trumps it. This doesn't mean I'm not going to blog EVER. It just means my life is currently evolving. I'm evolving, and now I need different things.

I've needed this blog for a lot of things. To write out all of my feelings. As a creative outlet. As a platform when needed. But lately... I've been turning inward. I've been reading and breathing and meditating. And I have been writing, but they have been small soul scribbles. Little things that I tuck away in my journal.
I love this community. I'm just in a different place. So I'll blog when I need too or have the urge to update the world. But it has been rather nice being more of an introvert lately. I love you ALL. And I am still a daily blog reader. Just not a writer.
And that's ok.