Monday, May 19, 2014

London Day One

We landed in London this morning. Granted, that feels like a life time ago. Jet lag is killer.

We had all kinds of miracles to get us to London in the first place. They involve our flight being cancelled so we were going to miss our connecting to flight to London, only to have the airline change its mind and bring out another plane. Finding my ID at Home Depot, where no one had thought to look (Thanks Jillyn!!!). And that is just the start of it!

Our 8 hour flight from Chicago to London was a doozy. I. Was. So. Tired. And yet, I couldn't sleep. Something about the really awkward angle of my head and legs... We finally landed, walked a mile (literally) to baggage claim, made it through customs without a glitch and hit the ground running!

I do have one complaint, why did not ONE older and wiser person tell us to just use rolley-bags?! I mean, these backpacks and packed to bursting and they weigh a ton. Add that to the carry on bags, and you had two hot, sweaty, grumpy, jet-lagged, starving people walking over a mile from the train station to where we were staying. Not the best way to start a trip.

But that didn't stop us! We landed at 8:00 and we were sight seeing by 12:30 pm. We first saw St Paul's cathedral, followed by the Royal Cavalry Museum (or something like that. It had guys in uniform on horses and it was a museum and it was cool.) Then it was off to the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Tower and some shopping. We walked 10 miles today. My feet hurt.

 We had a lot of fun, even if this telephone booth did not take me to the Ministry of Magic.

We've got some pictures of the fun below! I am off to try and actually get some sleep.

Westminster Abbey

House of Parliament

House of Parliament

Big Ben

The London Eye

Westminster Abbey. And Stephen.

Stephen tried to eat a sunflare. I'm not sure why.

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  1. I freaking love you guys. I just caught up on all your adventures (in reverse order). I miss you and love you and really badly want to just hug you and stay up half the night watching a movie. ;) Tell Mr. Stephen to not eat sunflares.. they cause heart burn. Get it?? Bahahahah. I crack me up.