Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hardest Part of Going to India

I can't remember the last time I was this tired. Honestly, SO tired.

You see, we moved out of the apartment yesterday for our subletters. It is harder than you'd think to move out just your "personal" stuff to make room for someone else. It was important to me that they didn't feel like they were living on top of our stuff. I wanted them to feel at home, while surrounded by our stuff. Does that make sense?

Any who, I didn't leave the house until after 1:00 am. I didn't fall asleep until almost 3:00 am. And, the hardest part of all, I had to say good by to this sweet face:

Some may judge,please don't, but I really love my cat. She is my furbaby. She likes to sleep with me, she loves to cuddle me. She just plain old loves me. And I love her. A lot. I take a ton of pictures of my cat, and I wouldn't give her up for anything. So to leave her in the care of someone else... it hurt.

What hurt the most was being unable to explain to her what was going on. I mean, I talk to her all the time (no judging!) but I know she doesn't understand why everything was moved out and around, and why we aren't there. And then these people are going to show up....

I mean, I trust these people to care for her. If I didn't they wouldn't be watching her. Trust me. But... I know she will be fed and stuff. But what if they don't understand her? What if they don't let her cuddle them like she wants? What if I come home and she isn't the cuddly, sweet cat I left? I will cry.

So, this is my sad, and to some pathetic, heartache today. Those with pets will understand. I'm so grateful she will be safe and in good hands. I just miss her already.

This is the hardest part for me, leaving her. I know that the adventure will be worth it. But it doesn't really feel like it right now.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Meditation Monday - Love and Gratitude

Today's meditation is probably one of my favorites. It is simple and incredibly beneficial. And you can do it for as long or as short as you would like. Simply find yourself in a nice, comfortable position. My favorite is to sit in a supported half-lotus or cross legged position with a wall or pillow behind me. I place my hands palms up on my knees, but you can put your hands wherever is comfortable to you. You can even do this sitting in your car (NOT while driving) or at your desk.

Take 5 or 6 deep, cleansing breaths and then simply focus on breathing in Love, and breathing out Gratitude. You can focus on simply the feeling of love and gratitude, or you can focus on something you love about yourself and exhale something you are grateful for. I find that I do a little of both. Especially if it is a longer meditation.

When you focus just on being plain old grateful, for everything, and you can feel the gratitude just exuding from you. And as you breathe in all that love, you just fill right up with happiness.

Halfway through you could reverse things, breath in gratitude and breath out love.

However you do it, even if it is just 3 minutes, it is a great way to tune into all the positive, lovely things that surround you. Especially if you are having a hard day, having a hard time getting along with someone or have any stresses in your life.

Give it a try, tell me what you think!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Finally Freaking Friday - FFF (Just say FFF real fast. Its fun. I promise)

Guys, it is Friday. I feel like that is important to say because Friday took its own sweet time getting here. I don't know about you, but this week was just.... blah.

Maybe it is the stress of leaving for 3 months.... I don't know. But this week Kicked. My. Trash. So much so that last night I kind of just gave up. And by gave up, I mean I watched consecutive episodes of Psych while eating Kettle Corn and E.L.Fudge cookies (thanks Mom!) instead of.... oh... finishing my skirt for my brother's wedding (HOLY CRAP. he is getting MARRIED. In ONE WEEK.). Or maybe cleaning out my closet. Or running/walking. Or yoga. Or meditating. Or conversing with someone who doesn't meow in response.

But you know what? I don't believe in shoulding myself. So, I will chalk up last night to a wonderful night of the cat licking chocolate off my face relaxing.

In all seriousness, sometimes when I get stressed out and have a to do list as long as the Great Wall of China, I just decide to say F YOU GREAT WALL OF CHINA! (And by F, Mom, I mean feathers, or fine and sometimes even funky) and I don't sit with my stress or my emotions, and I don't try to understand why I feel that way to fix it and I just tune out.

And you know what people?! That is what being human is all about. Also, it is about eating delicious cakes and cookies.

I digress.

We all have stress, and sometimes we crumble and sometimes we show up to work looking like this:

Can I just say I am really excited about this weekend? Mainly, the part in which I sleep in and don't ever get out of my yoga pants. Ever.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Meditation - Redefining "Success"

Ok, so I was thinking about it and "Meditation Thursday" doesn't make sense. So we shall do Meditation Monday. Because that makes sense! (as in, both start with the letter M. Feeling like you are back in your Sesame Street days?) However, that doesn't mean I won't do a meditation today. In fact, I shall.

Lately I have been thinking about limiting behaviors. Things that we consciously or unconsciously do as a "protection" for ourselves. These limiting behaviors can be obvious or subtle, but identifying them is the first step.

For instance, the biggest one I have been focusing on is my body's and subconscious mind's desire to stay "fat". (Now, I fully recognize that I am not "fat". I HAVE fat. And I am supposed to have fat to function. However, I do have weight I need to lose in order to be my healthiest.) I use having extra weight as a back up plan, an excuse, a way to make "failure" better. Or to circumvent even having to try, and therefore avoiding failure altogether.

I realized that I was attacking my "problem" all wrong. I was simply focusing on the weight. Not the reason for the weight. And that is when I really started looking at the word SUCCESS. And what it really meant to me.

As I first started thinking about success this quote came to mind:

After contemplating this quoteI realized that what I really needed to do was redefine what "Success"
meant to me.

So last night I sat down to meditate and visualize and change. So, I am going to walk you through my meditation last night, and maybe it will be beneficial for you!

First, look at some of your limiting behaviors. Maybe it isn't weight. Maybe it is avoiding doing what you need to do by making yourself busy with unnecessary things. Maybe it is watching countless hours of Netflix in order to avoid your emotions and feelings. Once you've found that limiting behavior think about the WHY. 

If it is success, maybe try this:

Redefine success. I decided that MY definition of success would be, "Showing up every day and living my inner truth."

And as I sat in my comfortable, cross legged position. Palms up, back straight, chin tucked (jalandhara bandha)  I cleared my mind, focused on my breath and then started repeating to myself, "Success is showing up every day and living my inner truth." And as I repeated that, over and over and over again, something didn't resonate with me. So I started to change my phrase to, "Success is showing up every day and listening to my inner truth."

Sometimes, living your inner truth is a huge, massive, big step. Sometimes it is a little step. But listening to it? That is something everyone can do. I can do that. I can focus on listening. And in listening, I will shape my life. 

After several minutes of this I realized that I wanted to eliminate the idea of "success" being necessary entirely. I didn't want there to be success or failure. So, I changed it again. "Show up every day and listen to my inner truth." I focused on that for a long, long time. I wanted to rewire my thinking, and my body, to realize that I did not believe in failure or success. I believed in simply being. In showing up. In listening. And that I could let go of all else that did not serve me, or this truth. 

So that is what I did, once I felt this truth resonate within me, I focused on letting go of everything that did not serve that truth. Behaviors, weight, thought patterns and beliefs. I focused on letting it ALL go. With every inhale I filled myself with this new truth, with ever exhale I let go of all that did not serve it. I did this for about 5 minutes before I really began to feel at peace with this new state of being.

I know that this is going to be an ongoing meditation and exercise for me. I really want this truth to be MY truth. And letting go of everything that does not serve this truth is going to take time to let go. But, I love that I have found this truth for myself. Maybe this isn't your definition of success, or part of your truth. And that is great! Find out what YOUR definition is, and meditate on it. Change from the inside out. Listen to your inner truth. Be you. Be happy.

Simply Be.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I didn't know that this morning was going to be extraordinary. I should have been tipped off when I spent 15 minutes looking for my keys, only to find them in the ignition of my unlocked car. (Totally not my fault this time guys! Hubby and moved the car to work on his motorcycle and then forgot about the keys....)

What I am trying to say is that I had no idea. It was a typical morning, dragging myself out of bed only because the cat wouldn't stop licking my face until I fed her. It was normal (except for the whole keys part, but I digress.) And then, I log into my email. It has been filled with loving, kind, supportive, gratitude filled messages. Facebook has been full of the same.

And I just sat there. And got all teary eyed. I looked down at my Cap'n Crunch and marveled at the fact that a few vulnerable words could touch so many other people. That in opening up and saying all that I am afraid of, I had managed to find a sisterhood who felt the same.

It is just.... astounding. Awe-inspiring. Humbling.

Somehow, My Real Yoga Body read and then SHARED my post. And people actually read it!

It looks like a practice that is all about self acceptance is full of people who fill like they don't belong. No matter what you look like or your skill level or what, a lot of us feel like frauds. And so it looks like we are all in the RIGHT place. Doing yoga. On our mats.

Everyone, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my gratitude filled, overwhelmed heart.

What I have found is that WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!! We belong to each other. We are all connected because we are all broken. And you know what happens when we have broken hearts? As Ellen would say,

"When your heart is broken, when you have cracks in your heart…it lets the light in." -Ellen DeGeneres

And that is why we all belong to each other. The light shines through our cracks and we all come together to shine so bright that we are all made whole.

Now, if you would excuse me, I am going to go and do a crazy, happy, gratitude dance.

(I really couldn't chose between the two... So I gave you both. You're welcome!)

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Trials of Packing

Our departure date is fast approaching. And by fast approaching I mean we are down to less than 4 weeks. I may or may not be freaking out a lottle. And by a lottle I mean, I am not sitting among lists and lists of stuff and trying to figure out what in the name of Aunt Jemima's delicious syrup I am supposed to PACK?!

Have you ever had to pack for an entire 3 months? 3 months of being in 4 different countries, with completely different climates and you aren't entirely sure what you can buy that you need.

I mean, first up is Europe. This is the weather report for Euope:

London: Rain
Paris: Rain
Germany: Rain

Yes, I am traveling through Europe during the rainy season. I have a good rain jacket. I am looking for some nice waterproof walking shoes. But I have to pack for somewhat chilly, wet weather.

India? Hot. Hotter. High humidity. Hottest. More very high humidity.

So clothing wise? I am packing most of my clothes for Europe, with a few items for India. I am just going to buy all of my clothes in India. (Any excuse to buy clothes, right?!) Not to mention it is more respectful of the culture there to dress in traditional Indian clothing.

But if you get past the clothing issue we come to something a bit more serious. Like, how much contact solution do I bring? I can't for the life of me figure out how much contact solution I usually use in 3 months. And toothpaste. And, something very important (sorry men), tampons.

Ok, I don't know about anyone else but I can't ever really predict how many and what kind (light, regular, super?) I am going to need. Some women are as predictable as cuckoo clocks. I am about as predictable as Spring in Utah. (For those of you who don't know, Spring weather in Utah is so unpredictable that I keep a parka in my car, along with a t-shirt, a rain jacket, boots, umbrella and 24 hour survival kit.) I've been told I"ll want to bring all the feminine things I can with me. So... that will be a fun guessing game.

Other things I need to look into? Shampoo/Conditioner, face wash, toothpaste... you know, things you actually use a lot. I'm sure India does in fact have face wash, but what about MY face wash?! (In truth, I use the awesome castor oil/coconut oil face wash that I make myself. But what if I run out? Do they have the stuff to make it there?!)

Needless to say, I've got a lot to figure out. And I've got to make it all fit into my backpacker's pack.

Anyone know where I can find Mary Poppins? I think I might need to borrow her carpet bag.

Friday, April 18, 2014

No Longer Allergic

Once upon a time I was allergic to a crap ton of things. It seems like I am starting to outgrow some of those allergies. Which is great! Only, that means I want to try some of the things that made me sick in the past. This is like playing Russian Roulette.

Luckily, the one thing that didn't make me sick was coconut! For a long time coconut has made me get all icky and vomity. Not pleasant. But now I can have it! (Hello Thai food!)

I can now use coconut oil (SO good for you!) and Coconut milk and drink coconut water and be all kinds of coconutty!

Happiness my friends. That is that this is.

And now, I shall go and drink my new favorite drink. And dream of maybe someday being able to have pineapple.....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Meditation

It should be no surprise that I like to meditate.I don't always get my 20 minutes in, but I really like to meditate.

I thought that today I would share one of my current meditations with you.

For me, I usually meditate after a yoga practice but before savasana. Or right before I go to bed. I once tried to meditate when I first woke up, but I kind of fell back to sleep.... so that didn't work.

If you are interested in meditating but have never really done it before, I'll walk you through what I do:

I start by sitting in a comfortable seated position, I place my hands on my knees palms up. You can place your hands anywhere that is comfortable. Sometimes it is nice to sit up against something to support your back. I take several deep breaths, I use breath evenly and deeply in and out through my nose. I try to use the same breath that  I use in my yoga practice. I use my inhales and exhales to help focus my meditation. I inhale one phrase or mantra, and exhale one phrase or mantra. Or, I'll focus on breathing in love and exhaling gratitude. But that is a topic for another time.

Once I am settled, I repeat this (and variations of this) as I also focus on my breath and quieting my mind. After several rounds I try to clear my mind and just breathe and settle into the feeling of being enough.

I am enough.

I have everything I need right now.
I am all I need.
My life is full of blessings I deserve and trials for my learning.
I am strong, able and wonderful.
I am enough.
I am enough of a woman.
I am enough of a person.
I am whole, complete.
I am deserving.
I am where I am meant to be. At this moment.
I am all I need.
I am enough. Now and forever.
My love is enough. My heart is enough. My body is enough.
I am enough.

Do you like to meditate? Do you use it in your daily life? Would you like more guided meditations?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Survival Skillz

Something strange to some, including myself, is that I love to watch survival shows. My husband and I find those shows to be fascinating.

Granted, I am watching those shows as I sit and scrapbook, fold laundry or sew.... (not exactly hardcore, outdoor activities). But I still love them. I think I like knowing. You know, knowing that cat claw vine can be used as a source of water. Or that ground termites act as a natural mosquito repellent. Useful things.

Our favorite shows so far are Naked and Afraid (Seriously, super interesting. Two stranger meet up, no clothes, no shoes. Nothing. And have to survive for 21 days. Don't worry, all the important things are all blurried out.) And Dual Survival. (two men, one a survival specialist who hasn't worn shoes in 20 years, lives in a yurt and knows all kinds of awesome Native American things. The other an ex Spec Op Forces military dude. Its
like me and Stephen, with a lot more knowledge and they are two dudes.)

My husband would probably do really well in a survival situation. He has all kinds of knowledge. And he is a dude. I would be like... "Oh now! My contact fell out. I can't see anything. Crap, my blood sugar levels are really low. I think I'm going to pass out." And then I would pass out. And die. And if that didn't happen, whenever it got bad and stressed I would sit down and meditate. And drive everyone around me bonkers as they try to build shelter, find water and food and stay alive.

Them: "Get up and do something useful. You aren't doing ANYTHING!"

Me: "I am meditating. To feed my spirit. To stay emotionally strong and connected."

Them: "Good luck surviving on that. We're gonna go kill that rabbit for dinner. You don't get any. Loser."

And then I would die.

In reality, I know some useful crap. Like how to make homemade soap from stuff you'd find in a primitive situation, how to kind of sew, how to be positive even in bad weather. And I even know not to eat certain berries. Also,to stay away from snakes.

We actually want to take survivalist courses and stuff some day. So I can be useful in these kinds of situations. I think it would be pretty awesome. I mean, I like camping and stuff. So, why not learn how to be self sufficient in the wilderness?

Mainly, all of my chances to survival in the wild will be in my husband's loving hands.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Adventure Before the Adventure

So before we fly to India we actually get to spend 2 weeks in Europe. We will fly into London and fly out of Frankfurt. So we've got several days planned in London, Paris and several cities along the Romantic Road in Germany. 

It is strange because I think I am most excited for Germany. I have been to London once, but I had to wander around by myself. And I definitely didn't see everything I wanted too. I did my thesis on Henry VIII's 3rd wife Jane Seymour, and I have spent years studying English history. So I am rather in love with London. I've never been to Paris, and I have always wanted to go. And by always, I mean it is on my bucket list. But Germany.... it has this great unknown, wonderful quality to it. 

I've had so many people tell me about Paris. I've read about, seen movies about it and even learned French (I've forgotten most of it. But hey, I tried.) And so i think I am excited about Germany because I get to go to cities no one has told me about. And we will have a car to drive around in. And that will be beautiful and wonderful. No trains or buses to catch. Just being able to get totally, wonderfully, magically lost in a strange land full of castles and a language I can't comprehend.

Maybe that doesn't sound so great to some. But I love the idea of no itinerary. We will have a pretty strict itinerary for London and Paris. There is so much we've been told we have to see. But in Germany, traveling through Rothenburg, Heidelberg and seeing all that we want in between.

It is kind of funny to travel with my husband. We view "vacation" differently. He wants adventure and exploration and doing. I want to rest and see and refresh and not do. That is why we like cruises. I've got hours to sit by a pool, or on a deck, in the sunshine. Next to the ice cream machine (the most important part). And I read. Book after book. And I nap. And I soak up lots and lots and lots of sunshine.  And then, we come to port and we get out and we explore and do and see and walk and move. It allows both of us to be happy. 

So this trip, I feel like Germany is going to be my kind of place. We will kill ourselves walking and doing and seeing all over London and Paris. And then we will get to Germany and get lost just the way I like. We will meander. We will experience. We will breathe it all in.

I'm sure that by the time we arrive in India we will be exhausted from traveling across Western Europe and seeing all we could see. Plus the time difference... I am expecting a major crash and burn and several days spent on sleep. But that is a topic for another time.

We are still setting up our itinerary for Europe. Where would you suggest we go? If you could go anywhere in England, France or Germany where would you go? Any place we absolutely have to see?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Feeling Like a Fraud and Becoming a Yoga Teacher - My Messy Beautiful

When I signed up for my yoga teacher training I was mixture of elation and fear. I just knew this was what I wanted to do. But I also didn't feel good enough, or ready or qualified. But, somehow, I signed up. And I showed up for that first day. And I sat in a room of professional dancers, former gymnasts, personal trainers, cross-fit enthusiasts and I thought to myself, "Well... every class needs the odd man out. The misfit." 

Because this was a class on yoga and not a "best looking, most flexiblest, strongest, person in the class" contest, I found real and sincere friends. And I grew and I loved it. For the first week I tried to act like I was a health nut. You know, that I didn't ever eat junk food, or wheat or carbs or anything. And then I realized that I was working 40 hours a week and in class 30 hours a week and I was exhausted and tired and damnitIwantmycheetos! 
And that is when I started showing up as myself. Myself was a little bit quieter than that "other girl" I was trying to be. She was more confident in some ways, and less confident in others. But most importantly, I kept showing up. Terrified and feeling fraudulent and not up to par, I SHOWED UP. I brought my eating disorder, depression, anxiety, self consciousness and fear with me. Like very unwelcome guests. And every day, as I learned what a pose was and how to teach it and how it worked, I tried to dismiss those unwelcome guests that followed me everywhere. Some moments I was successful. Others I was not. But I was learning. 

And then came the day, that final day. The day we were to teach the full sequence to people, like it was a real class. Like we were real instructors. I was blessed to teach two older ladies. That was my hope. I wanted older ladies who I could be sweet and gentle too and guide them through. I didn't want some athletic person who could do more than I could. I didn't think I could handle that. Teaching those dear ladies went pretty well. All the same, after the teaching I went to my mom and told her about it, crying, because I felt like such a fraud.

And after the training ended, I couldn't face a yoga studio. I couldn't fathom teaching. I felt like such a fraud. What inner peace did I have to offer? How could I demonstrate strength when I didn't feel like I had any? Not to mention I didn't look like a yoga instructor. Lulu hasn't made a bra that can keep the "girls" from coming out to play during down dog. I have child birthing hips. My grandmother lovingly told me I was built like a solid pioneer. Solid-pioneer looking women don't teach yoga. They push handcarts and chop down trees and bear many strapping sons. They don't gracefully jump into a handstand. Pioneer women are no nonsense. Yoga has to have SOME nonsense. Some fun. So WHAT WAS I DOING HERE?! 

And then, my husband said that I HAD to do the internship. As absolutely terrifying as it was, I HAD to do it. Because I deserved that opportunity. And so I did it. And I wore my mask of confidence and said I would teach classes. Secretly screaming inside that I was a FRAUD.

I taught my first REAL class. How? I don't know. Divine intervention? Breathing. Lots and lots of breathing. And love. Love from my husband who believes in me when I can't. Love from my teacher who was there and made me feel comfortable. Love from a friend who showed up because she knew how scared I was. Love, people. It really can move mountains.

I might feel like a fraudulent teacher, but I am comfortable being a student. I know the benefits of yoga. I know about breathing and centering. And I work on that all by myself, with the help of teachers, every day. And I don't have it mastered even one little bit. 

Not only that, but I can't do a headstand. Or a backbend. Or bakasana (crow pose). The last time I tried an arm balance I face planted it. In front of everyone. I literally laughed to keep from crying. I laughed with tears in my eyes and humiliation in my heart. What kind of yoga teacher can't even jump up to her hands? Me. This one can't.  

And that is how I knew I should be a teacher. When I accepted that I had no clue, that I didn't know what was going on. I might be able to tell you 20 different Sanskirt names of asanas. I might know the proper alignment. But anyone can know that. I show up raw and broken and scared to my mat every day, because I know that I will leave a little more healed, a little less scared and stronger. And if I am this scared and this broken, then there are others. Because we are all human, and we are all hurt and we are all struggling. 

I can teach how to breathe through the panic and the pain because I have. I have too, to make it through every day. I can teach how to breathe with movement because I had to learn to not hold my breath when I moved. I can teach how to become comfortable in your own skin, because I relearn that lesson every day. 

And maybe, just maybe, some people need to see that us pioneer-built women belong. We belong to each other. We belong on that mat. We belong in class. We all belong, the dancers, the gymnasts, the athletes, the pioneers, the sassy, the thin, the large, the quiet, the loud, the square, the round, the triangle and any other shape and size. We belong to each other. We are all held together by breath and life and light and love. And though we look at each other see differences everywhere, we always end class with Namaste.

The divine light within me sees and honors the divine light within you.

And that is why I teach. Because I only came back to class when my teacher saw my divine light and said she missed it in class. Because my divine light has been dimmed and blown on and spit on and it has never gone out. Because it is divine. I am divine. Like every other person. And so, with my tear filled eyes I will see and recognize and honor the divine light within you. And I might not be able to headstand or handstand, but I can STAND. And I will. At the top of my mat. I will show up for myself. And I will show up for you. And we will OM together, and join our broken hearts through movement and breath, and that will start to heal this broken world. Because that is what yoga is all about. 




Friday, April 11, 2014

Where We Shall Live in India (and pictures of my cat. Just go with it.)

So India is going to hold a lot of adventures. I mean new people, food, places, new languages, no toilet paper or air conditioning.... So much change and difference!

When people ask what I think India will be like I simply say, "I expect a lot of different." And that is the truth. 

But before you think we will be living in a little thatched roof hut, think again. Think more.... 3 bedroom apartment, with marble (you heard me, marble, how fancy-pants is that?!) floors. In all honesty, I would take just a regular floor if I could have toilet paper. Strangely, that wasn't an option. So I'll just go with it. 

Another difference? I'll have people doing my laundry, cooking my meals and cleaning the apartment. Waaaaaayyyy different from my current lifestyle. (Please note, I've had cereal for dinner multiple times this week. So I am really looking forward to the whole provided meals thing.) I'm excited for the laundry doing as well. I mean, laundry and dishes are my least favorite things that exist besides the dentist. Really. So to have someone do that for me?! Best three months ever.

Normally, we wouldn't have this set up at all. But the university is providing it for us! How awesome is that?! I'm pretty excited about all of the fancy-pants treatment.

But there are some things I am going to miss about my house, though I have to clean it all by myself. Like my bed. I love my bed. Being able to drink straight from the tap. And, most of all, my cat.

Guys, I have an adorable cat. Maggie is the best. She is fat and amiable and cuddly and incredibly opinionated. She likes to try and sew with me, and read with me and she would "help" me cook if I let her. 

We rescued her off the streets about a year ago, and she has turned into the best cat ever. 

She will take the milk and leave you She is also a milk stealer (never leave your cereal bowl unattended. with soggy, gross, cat-saliviaed corn flakes. Gross.). And she likes to lick people like a dog. Which is weird, but I love it. Also, you'd think I would just kick her off the table instead of taking a picture first....

Here's the thing guys, we had someone all lined up to sublet our apartment and watch our adorable kitty. But it fell through yesterday. This makes me anxious. I don't want to leave my cat with just anyone! (or my apartment for that matter!) So if you are looking for housing, or know anyone who is looking for housing please check out this ad.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Things

So its been a while. A bit, one might say. And in this while and bit lots of things have happened.

BIG things have happened.

Such as: I am a certified yoga instructor.

I moved. Twice.

I got two new jobs.

I'm moving to India for three months.

What, that last one caught you off guard? To be honest, it caught me off guard as well. I mean, my husband and I had talked about it. He has to go for his degree. But for some reason I never thought it would actually happen.

This is Visakhapatnam. Usually called Visak. Where we will be staying. 

It is happening. In 37 days. (Holy crap!) That is really soon.

I'm kind of freaking out a little a lot. A lottle. I am freaking out a lottle.

And I am super excited. And scared. And ready. And not even CLOSE to ready.

So I'll back up.

Stephen is an Anthropology major. To graduate he must do a field study. He is doing his field study in India. Visakhapatnam, India to be exact. He will be doing an awesome field study there that I won't even try to explain because it is to anthropological for my brain.

I am coming along for the ride because... well DUH. It is India. And my husband. And I have spent much too much time away from him as it is. And, now that I am a yoga instructor, it will be the coolest thing ever to actually study yoga in India! It makes me immensely happy. And terrified at the same time. I am terriappy. (That word combo doesn't work as well. Moving on.)
Being a yoga instructor makes it hard to enjoy yoga pictures.
 I see alignment issues and it ruins it. But seriously,

We've been doing visas and vaccines (ouch!) and planning what in the world we are taking with us, what we are leaving. Its all a crazy, crazy adventure. All happening at once!

What is super exciting is that we will be spending two weeks in Europe on our way to India. We will be traveling from London, through France and ending in Germany. We've never been to France or Germany and so we are really excited! (Except for the packing part.... I am in a quandary of how to pack for the rainy season in Europe and the blazing hot season in India. All in one big backpack. Anyone own a shrink ray?)

I'm so excited for all of this! I'll be giving more updates as they come along, and you can always follow our adventure here. I'll have internet access in India, so I can keep y'all posted at once!