Friday, May 23, 2014

Paris Day 1.5

We really arrived in Paris yesterday evening. Our day About About About did not go as Planned. Like ... at all. For instance, we slept through the alarm, and woke up at noon. Which left us just enough time to rush out and catch our train to Paris.

We went to King's Cross St Pancras station. Now, I did not see station 9 3/4 goal I felt it. And my heart oh so happy muggle WAS Because of it.

We took the chunnel (the Chanel Tunnel) and it was pretty cool. I mean, the pressure Kept changing so my ears popping like popcorn Were. Purpose other than that, it was nice. By the time we arrived in Paris, caught the metro and found the home we are staying in (airbnb ROCKS) it was pretty late. So we sat down for a nice dinner at a coffee and Then tried to get some shut eye. (Tried, and failed . The sleeping much of the night before , really threw us off.)

This morning ... * drum roll please * was .....

A wide tennis ball! Just kidding, it WAS the Eiffel Tower (but There Was a very large tennis ball suspended inside it for whatever reason.

Me being a giant. And a tourist.
Stephen Being .... well .... Stephen. 
Ar we cute?

After lovely stroll around the tower, we sat down in the park, Examined our shoes, Took Some pictures and I reveled in the smell of honeysuckle. Oh it is delightful and magical.

We walked on our way and we crossed a bridge. Some Effective named Alexander. And I can not for the life of me remember what it is called Expired called Expired Exactly. 

After this, We walked over to the Musee de Rodain. We Went in the gardens only, goal It was still pretty cool. I mean, we got to ask the Thinking Man  Some major issues. Such as, "How much wood a wood chuck Could ... "Actually, We Were Bombarded by Belgian Some teenagers Have you wanted us to say our words in funny accents So They Could movie us. Naturally, we Obliged.

After a nice chat with Mr Thinking Man (and running into a fellow BYU student Stephen That Took classes with, Which WAS odd. You can not go anywhere without finding someone you know.) We Wandered over to the Hotel d'Invalides.  Which houses the Army Museum. Which was really quite cool. 

A Knight! (Ok, Actually royal armor. Goal you get the point)


While inspecting the royal armor (and the guns. Why does he feel the need to stare down the barrel of guns? I feel like this is only going to lead to major trouble.) We overheard a very knowledgeable man talking to His incredibly moustached companion . We enjoyed what he HAD to say, so Stephen (Being the man Who Makes friends everywhere literally) struck up a conversation. It was One of Those little (read major) blessings. He was able to talk to us about all of the armor and the times. He is an art historian and medievalist, Dr John Cone from North Carolina (the man has a doctorate people). It was so nice to talk to him because I was able to discuss my thesis for the first time in a very long time, we were able to talk my favorite time period and exchange favorite stories about our favorite dead people. Stephen and Michael (the incredibly mustached gentleman) shared a love of weapons and WWII, so we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

 They also had an incredible WWI and WWII collection. This was Stephen's favorite part, and he educated us about guns and the like.

Stephen naming all of the guns (correctly) without looking at titles. I was impressed.

This looks like it stepped right out of Star Wars (of course, Star Wars stole it from actual planes and such)

Napolean's tomb was also located here. It was put in this chapel.

We spent several hours at that museum before finally making our way to the Champs Elysee. Which was pretty cool. It was a lot of shops (which doesn't really interest me) but it was beautiful. We also saw the beautiful Arc de Triumphe. Which was stunning, even with construction work going on.

 After a quick dinner, we headed back to our room. And managed to catch the Eiffel Tower all lit up for the night.

Until tomorrow!

(PS, please ignore any odd words or strange spellings. The computer keeps trying to correct what I am saying because it is in France and very confused. Apparently, computers get culture shocked and confused as well)

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  1. Hahaha okay, this particular post took me forever to read. I kept reading sentences over and over trying to figure out how a certain word made sense. I was wondering if something was wrong with me and I needed to go back to bed or if something was wrong with you? Now I see it was the computer's fault. ;)
    I am loving your posts! Keep 'em coming!