Monday, May 5, 2014

Meditation Monday - Letting Go

Mantra: I will Let Go of all that Does Not Serve Me.

I like to do this meditation either sitting or laying on the ground (it can be on a mat) to get the strong connection to the earth. Even better if you can do it outside.

Take several focused, deep breaths. Clear your mind.

Start the meditation by repeating this phrase  "I will Let Go of all that Does Not Serve Me" as much as you’d like. And then focus on the act of letting go with each exhale, and replenishing with light and love on each inhale. 

You can focus on specifics of what you want to let go, or you can simply focus on letting go. Imagine with every exhale that all of that which is unnecessary and does not serve you is sinking into the ground. And your inhale is the rain washing it away, and filling you up with light and love.

This meditation is great on days where you feel worn out, or full of emotion. It is also very helpful if you are trying to detox from unhealthy relationships or are even trying to lose weight.

I believe that we are a whole being, mind-body-spirit, and it all works together. So as you focus on letting go, you can start to see a difference in all aspects of your life.

Is there anything you are working on letting go? 

I am working on letting go of hurt and anger. And I always feel better after even just 5 minutes of this meditation.

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