Wednesday, May 7, 2014

11 Days - Calling Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger

As the countdown continues, things are starting to real.

11 Days. (On the eleventh day to India my true love gave to me! A backpack to hold all of my things.) 

My husband is a pro-active packer type. He hates to not have everything he needs with him. Sometimes, when we are vacationing, he has more stuff than I do. But you can bet your maple syrup I want to be around him for any disasters.

So as we are packing for quite a prolonged stay he handed me a backpack. Like, a backpackers backpack. It looks something like this:

My face upon seeing the size of the backpack
He then puts a battery operated fan, mosquito netting and 6 (that is right SIX) bottles of bug spray in the bottom of the bag. We each have a backpack. Each pack already has these items. And I have the rest of the pack to fill with my things. For 3 months and 4 countries.

I believe I need a Mary Poppins' bag. Or a tardis. Or Hermione to come and pack for me. (Can you tell I'm kind of a nerd? No? Good.)

My plan, pack one week's worth of clothes for Europe. Yoga clothes. One pair of shoes (maybe two). Under-things. Socks. And then I have to take a TON of vitamins, contact solution, face wash, toothpaste and hair things. Hopefully that will all fit. I'll have a good carry-on bag with me too. For computer and other things. I think I can make this work. Maybe. I might be vacuum-packing a few things....

Anyone have good packing tips?!

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