Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two More Days!

Ok, so I have aaaaaallllllllllll of these posts I want to put up, BUT I am currently without internet at my new place. With only internet at work, I haven't really had a chance to put anything together like I want too.
So I am just stopping by to join in a quick little round of Gratitudes.
I am so grateful to finally be almost  unpacked. Just the dreaded "second bedroom" (soon to be office) and decorating really, and then those straggling pieces of random stuff that we aren't sure what to do with. They usually end up getting thrown away...
Warm weather! I mean, this week has been pretty rainy. But it has been a Spring rain and not a Winter rain. Which means, in my neck of the woods, the smell of rain hitting warm pavement, the humidity bringing out all the fragrances of spring blossoms and cozying up to my hubby while we watch Star Wars.
Speaking of Star Wars, yes. It is something I'm grateful for. Star Wars is awesome. And I have never seen all of the "new" ones. So this week we finally made it through the third one. Totally explains Darth Vader. I get it now.
Most of all, I am STOKED for my cruise! We leave for Disney World on Saturday. After four days in the magic land of Disney we head off for our four day cruise to the Bahamas! That is just two days away. One more work day. I am sooooo excited (and spazzing OUT) about going on my very first cruise.
For all y'all that have been a-cruisin' before, any advice? I'm assembling my packing list right now. Anything I should absolutely bring? Anything that isn't necessary? What was your favorite part of the cruise? I'm so excited and nervous, I need more info!

And does anyone have any request of great/weird/awesome pictures in Disney World. I'm dedicating a few rides to my brother who is in Honduras, and I'll be sending him pictures of me either ON the ride or right before. So, I'm taking requests from other people too. Give me a list!
Alright folks, I'll try to check in soon, but it might not be until AFTER the cruise happens... we'll see.

Friday, May 3, 2013

It Is All About Love

I have recently had the great privilege of learning more about adoption and the great impact it has on people's lives. Both adoptive parents and birth parents have entered my life, and I can not be happier or more grateful for the experience.

My sister in law, the wonderful Julianne from Made By Jewls adopted a little baby boy this week. And he is the most precious, beautiful baby you have ever seen. I was so happy to see her filled with joy and love at her sweet little boy. During her adoption process I also had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the birth mom. She was such a strong and sweet and wonderful woman. I can't even begin to tell you how incredible she is, and her whole family for that matter.

I know that so many people have had to struggle with infertility and the long road to adoption. I've seen many tears shed for children that never seem to come to couples just aching to hold their babies. I know a lot of people are hoping to adopt, and I know that the best way to help them is to spread the word.

So, today, I would like to introduce you to Jenna and David.

Jenna is like a sister to me. She is the person I turn to for advice, for a laugh, for understanding. She has quickly become one of my best friends. There are so many things I could tell you about how she is the sweetest person in the world. But I will have to settle for just a few of them.

Jenna is always, and I mean always, involved in some kind of volunteer work. Whenever we get a chance to chat I get to hear about how passionate she is about the many organizations she is involved in. From the Big Brother, Big Sister organization to Blessings in a Basket, Jenna is always looking for ways to help others. Something I admire most? She is deeply involved in helping birth mom's lead the best lives possible. She understands how complex and often painful adoption can be for birth moms, and she is there supporting them as best she can.

She contributes often to Big Tough Girl blog, a place for dedicated to the birth mom community. But enough about how selfless she is (you make us all look bad Jenna) let's talk about my other favorite part about Jenna. Her personality.

Jenna has the BEST sense of humor and can always make me laugh. Like.... really laugh. Here let me show you

Obviously, they are both pretty awesome. Like... really awesome.

Let's not forget her other half! Meet David (in his own words no less!)
"Hi! I'm David and I wanted to give you an idea who I am. Forgive me if this sounds stiff or cheesy! I was born in Maryland , raised in NJ & graduated from college with a degree in education. I love singing in the choir (I'm planning on joining the choir at our church!) playing board games, traveling and trying new things. I have 1 cat, Snala-Wallaby, and I love to pet her little nose because she curls up in my lap and purrs!  I LOVE going to hockey games, football games, baseball games..any game really!
In case you were wondering, yes that is David trying to walk a cat. He has some mad skills.
I am the "behind the scenes" kind of guy. I don't want to be in the spotlight or responsible for public speaking. (I let Jenna handle all of that!! She's too outgoing! She will talk to ANYONE!!) I want to be the one making sure that all the work is done correctly and everything is ready." 

Something I have found interesting when talking to several different Big Tough Girls (also known as birth moms) they have often said (not always, but several have commented) that the reason they choose the family that they did for their baby was because of the dad. I know that David would be the best dad ever.

So, after all of this, what I am asking is that you visit their profile and pass their information along. They have been on one heart wrenching journey after another to complete their family. I think it is time they found their Happily Ever After: Baby Edition.

 Visit their profile here:
And their facebook profiles here and here

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stuff and News and Updates

Hey guys. I know its been a while. And I am ok with that. I just wasn't really in a "blogging" place. Which is cool.

But I am starting to miss it a bit, and everything is changing and I am feeling the need to write. So here I am!

Here is what has happened over the last couple of months:
  • New Job - I LOVE my new job. I work as an executive assistant and do a little bit of everything. It never gets boring, and I love the people I work with.
  • New Apartment - That's right! We finally have a place of our own. We moved just this past weekend and the place is a complete disaster right now. It is a rather small space, but it is all ours so that makes me happy. Look forward to some decorating and projects coming your way.
  • New Plans - In 10 days (AHHHH!!!!) my husband and I leave for a Disney World and a Cruise to the Bahamas. I couldn't be more excited. SUNSHINE! (And considering it snowed on May Day I think a large dose of sunshine is in order.)
  • New Eating Habits - The past few weeks I have come to some realizations (which I will talk about later) and it looks like I am going Paleo/Primal (There is a difference, more on that later). 
  • New Life Plan - yeah way more on this later. Promise.
  • New Hair - I went ombre. For reals. here is a picture.

So.... that's everything for now. It is all rather crazy how much is changing and how much I love the changes.

Has anyone "gone paleo" before? What did you like/dislike about it? And would anyone be interested in doing some guest posts while I am gone on my awesome vacation? Let me know!