Tuesday, May 20, 2014

London Day Two

London has provided us with another wonderful day. We have walked nearly 20 miles in the last two days, and I am pretty sure my feet have raised a white flag (which I am ignoring).

We started our day at the National Gallery. We could have spent all day there. We saw some incredible paintings. Here are a few that I loved.
Claude - A Seaport
Peter Paul Rubens - Le Chapeau de Paille
Van Gogh - Sunflowers

Paul Delaroche - Execution of Lady Jane Grey

These are just a few of my favorites. I loved the Execution of Lady Jane Grey because I was able to launch into a full history of Jane Grey to a ever patient Stephen. Which was perfect timing because later this afternoon we went to the Tower of London and were able to see where she was buried. Which was freaking awesome.

After the National Gallery we went to
 Trafalgar Square. Mainly because it was right outside the door. This blue rooster was my favorite part of the whole thing. It was interesting because they were setting up to have a live opera in Trafalgar Square that night.
This is right outside the National Gallery and in Trafalgar Square.
 After the National Gallery we went to Coven Gardens. Which was basically a whole bunch of stores. The coolest thing there (to me at least, I'm really not into a bunch of stores) was this lady who was singing opera. She looked nothing like an opera singer, but she was pretty good. It gave the whole place a pretty awesome ambiance.

Up next was the one thing I have been waiting for since I came to London 6 years ago: The Tower of London. Let me just say this: It is the coolest place ever. Honestly. I am not being dramatic. I swear. It is so full of history (over 900 YEARS of history!!!) And some of the people I have been studying since I was a kid have walked those walls. I loved every second of it. From our incredible guided tour, to the torture chamber, the incredible crown jewels and collection of armor. It was amazing. 

This is Stephen talking with our tour guide after the tour. I literally can't take him anywhere without him making some kind of connection or becoming friends with someone. People just automatically like him. Except me. (Just kidding)

More proof that Stephen makes friends everywhere. This is from yesterday, right outside the Household Cavalry Museum. I go to the toilet (as they call bathrooms) and he is making friends with a British soldier. They talked for like 10 minutes. 
Me outside the Tower of London (which actually has 20 towers.)

Stephen "smiling" at me in front of that cool guard, who happens to be guarding the Crown Jewels.
This is me. Being a complete nerd with Henry VIII's armor. 
Stephen Checking to see if this cannon is loaded. 

The View from outside the Tower of London

The Tower of London

Stephen being weird in front of London Bridge. Gotta love the guy. 

We finished our day by hauling our sore, blistered yet blissfully happy selves to the mall near where we are staying, to eat food and buy rolley bags. Because we refuse to haul those backpacks out on our backs. All in all, it was one amazing day. Stephen, bless his heart, was so patient to listen to me freak out over artists (he likes art, but isn't nearly as animated as I am) and how so-and-so died so many years ago, but we are standing in the EXACT SAME SPOT that they did. And to talk on and on and on about a bunch of dead guys who dead some cool stuff, that usually involved killing other people. And I love it.

And now, to bed. For I am very, very sleepy. (And jet lagged. And blistered. And blissfully happy.)

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