Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I WOULD Wear Wednesday

'Tis Wednesday, an obvious fact, yet I feel the need to say it over and over and over again. Mainly because I keep thinking it is Thursday. Getting ahead of yourself is not the greatest idea in the world. Especially when it means you have to re-realize over and over and over again that you really do have TWO days and not one until you get a phone again.

And the weekend is here.

And I get to sleep in.

Friday needs to just be here already.

Any ways, due to the no-phoneness of my life currently, I can't really post what I wore. (AH!) And I had some of the cutest outfits too. Yesterday, was a welcome fall outfit complete with boots, amazing scarf and comfy long-sleeve mustard shirt.

Depressed you don't get to see it? Yeah... me too. It was awesome.

However, on the up side, I hate what I am wearing today. It's one of those days where I feel like my clothes make me look like I am forty. Not a good feeling people. Not a good feeling.

Since I can't show you what I wore, I am instead going to show you my favorite looks for Fall! Sound good?

Ok. here we go.

This is kind of what I wore yesterday. Only with a mustard shirt and a gorgeous grey and purple scarf. This style is one of my favorites because it is a) warm. b) cute. c) easy to put together.

Adorable, right? Mustard is one of my favorite colors. And I love scarves. And I love easy, flattering dresses. So, this is a perfect go-to look for Fall!

Tunic like shirts and leggings/skinny jeans. I LOVE that look. It is so great as "camouflage clothing", you know clothes that help give you that figure you wish you had? Not to mention, even the skinniest of people can look larger in the wrong clothes. This style, for me at least, helps me look and feel beautiful. (Oh, and I love scarves. And boots.)

Colored jeans. I need more. I need a pair in mustard! And stripes. I love me some stripes (and polka dots)

Layers, belts and stripes. Please and Thank you yes!

I really don't need to explain this wonderfulness, right? I am currently on the watch for a chambray shirt. We found my husband one that he looks incredible in. Now I just need one for me!

I pretty much wanted to show you that I do indeed, like color. This kelly green is my favorite!
This, to me at least, says DATE NIGHT! I love the browns, the boots, the scarf and the dress. 

Needless to say, I have a scarf problem people. I really do. I bought two new scarves in the last week. My husband says I have too many... I don't think so. Scarves are really just... necessary. As are boots.

I have a really casual style. I do like to get all dressed up, every once in a while, but for the most part I like my scarves, my jeans, my boots and nice comfy shirts. I think it is so important to find a style that fits your personality and makes you comfortable. You act better when you feel like you look good.

Too bad I didn't dress that way today... Another reason to plan your outfit the night before, right?!

I am currently in the process of redefining my style. It helps to have pinterest to go and just look and look and pin what I like. Every couple of days, I go back to my Fashion Passion pinboard and kind of review what I pinned. Then I see ways I can incorporate that into my style. (like buying more scarves and a new pair of boots!)

You don't necessarily have to have a "style". It is totally ok to be eclectic. For me, it is easier to style things and put together outfits if I know what I like and have basic pieces to build with. I am constantly adding things to my wardrobe, and throwing things out. (Oh the beauty of shopping!). 

Do you have any tips on finding your style or changing your style? Do you have one thing you can't seem to have enough of (like scarves...)

(To see more of my favorite fashions you can follow me on pinterest! And I am linking up with thepleatedpoppy and twothirty-fivedesign, go check it out!)

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