Monday, May 12, 2014

Meditation Monday: Trusting in the Moment

Last week I talked about how fear is affecting my excitement for our upcoming trip.

We have 6 days left.

Less than one week.

and, I am finally feeling really and honestly excited. I've been waiting to feel excited for a while now, and I think that I was able to focus on trusting in the moment this weekend. Once I did that, I realized that it was going to be just wonderful.

I did a full meditation on trusting in the moment.

Trusting in the moment means a lot of things. For me it means being fully present, right now. In believing that there is no other place you are meant to be. In trusting that you are right here, right now for a purpose and because you are trusting there is no reason for fear. Because if you are meant to be right where you are, than you have been prepared with all of the tools, experiences and vulnerabilities.

You don't need anything but you.

For this meditation I sat tall, cross legged and relaxed. For a full two minutes I focused on letting go through my breath. And then, I decided to change fear into trust. To inhale hope and faith and trust, and exhale love and gratitude. All of that positivity doesn't just push all negativity out. It actually turns the negative to positive.

Ten minutes later and I was feeling so much better about everything. 

And so, my focus now is to just be here. Right now. Focus on this exact moment. It makes life so much simpler. It is a lifetime practice, this living in the moment thing. But one very much worth doing.

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