Monday, October 8, 2012

Yellow Galoshes

I just love being happy. I don't know what it is, but I am in a fantastic mood today. Work is good and busy, but not too busy and life is just... happy.

Strange thing is, I should be (or maybe I shouldn't be?) stressing like there is no tomorrow. I have to write (I kid you not) 17 papers by Friday. No, that is not 17 pages. 17 papers.

Call me crazy.

The funny thing is, I didn't procrastinate this work. Usually that is the case. But I actually did my best to stay on top of things. But life and other things kept happening. And now Friday is coming at me like a fast speeding train, and for some reason I feel like I am skipping down the tracks in yellow galoshes to meet it.

Go figure.

I think it is God's way of making sure I don't implode or something. I am pretty sure that this feeling of peace and calm is a gift because I told God I would take this class because He wanted me too, but I would need help to do it. This is my help. I am so grateful!

In spite of all this craziness I have a brand new week ahead of me! And I am excited for it. I have a week of training for my 10K (I am really falling in love with running). I get to look forward to date night with my hubby. I am hoping to squeeze in dinner with a dear friend too. And I bought tickets to the opera for next week! (I feel so grown up and cultured saying that... But you really can't say no to $13 tickets)

Another thing that has me jumping for joy? I have some new followers! HI GUYS! Every time I see that I have a new follower I quite literally do a happy dance. Around my room. Singing. And then I stalk them and find out that some truly amazing, awesome, incredible people are following me. My friends (can I call you my friends? I like to think that we're friends) you are inspiring! Thanks for being here!

P.S. I really, really, really want a pair of yellow galoshes. Yes, I have a pair of polka dot ones. I may or may not have plaid as well. But that is besides the point. I need yellow ones. They would totally match my car!

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  1. The galoshes are so adorable!! I want a pair now too!!
    New follower from the GFC Hop! Would love for you to check out my blog too!