Monday, October 1, 2012

What a Weekend!

Funny story, I went to a rock concert. No, seriously. Like, a real rock concert. Several actually. 

Why? You ask? Why would you, my dear Jeannie who does not like enormous crowds or rock music, go to a rock concert?

Excellent question. It is cause I love my husband. (It's always love, isn't it?)

And, I have expanded my taste in music and there were at least three bands that weren't really rock bands. More like alternatives. One was Imagine Dragons. They are from Provo, from BYU no less, and they are AWESOME (You would like these guys a lot. I promise). 

Any who, So I surprised Stephen with tickets to this show that had like a billion bands playing that he liked. (It was the X96 Big Ass Show). I wanted to make the guy happy. Of course, it was also on the day that he had to go to Drill. It was governor's day. And it was his "Battle Hand Off" (this means he is officially handed off to his unit here in Utah). So, we had to go up to Camp Williams at 6:00 AM. Then he stood around on a field and marched a little bit, and then stood around on a field some more. I took pictures, cause I was bored. So finally (at 12:30) we got to leave there and head over to the Sandy trax station (so we didn't have to drive clear up to Salt Lake). 

This doesn't begin to show how long the line was!

Of course, the trax ticket machine would not take credit cards (it had taken cards every other time!) so we had to drive back down the hill to an ATM and then back to trax, to purchase tickets and literally run onto the train. We crowded on to the trax train (it was full of crazy teenager and college students all going to the concert) and immediately become friends with the guys sitting next to us since we were all very unpleasantly squished together. 

When we finally made it to Salt Lake, the gates opened at 1:00. Of course, there was a HUGE line that curved clear around two large buildings. So we waited in line for over an hour. Met some cool people. Got all lovey dovey. Stephen got sun burnt (I forget the kid turns lobster red in the sun...)

And then when we finally got in it was UTTER CHAOS! Seriously, I have never been in such a loud, crazy, crowded place in my life. There were two stages, with bands playing at one stage for a while, and then a band at the other. We ended up watching AWOLNation (I did NOT like those guys) and cause we got there early, we were up front. Bad idea. That place turned into a mosh pit. Stephen formed this protective barrier with his arms around me (this guy just gets sweeter and better with time), but that didn't stop people from stepping on me, people being "surfed" on top of me,  (I almost got kicked in the face twice. Stephen nearly killed the guy too...) Then Stephen got me out of there. And we found awesome, non-crowded places to stand for the next band: GroupLove.

Talk about an interesting show. The girl singer (Anna...? I don't know. I was there cause Stephen liked them) was hilarious to watch. She kinda made the show. That, and the other main singer was wearing a black and red checked bathrobe. I kid you not. I wish I could get away with that...

I would get a little overwhelmed sometimes with all the craziness, so I would take pictures to kind of pull myself out of the chaotic environment. There are some of my favorites:

Of course, after three bands and nearly dying (and every muscle hurting from the jostling and the long hours of standing) we left to check out City Creek (the huge new mall in SLC right across from the Salt Lace City Temple). We were able to go to my new favorite store Cotton On, where I got a new cardigan thingy, and Stephen got a shirt and a sweatshirt! (It was pretty cheap too. I love that store)

This fountain was very entertaining :)

We went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory (where I was presented with a salad that was bigger than my head).

After shopping and dinner, we headed over to Temple Square. This is where Stephen and I were married, and we like to go back and visit when we can!

I loved being on the Temple grounds. We went to the visitors center, where they have a bunch of info and videos about the LDS faith. As a kid, I was in one of those videos. Incriminating evidence:

The other kid is my awesome brother.
He was fascinated by the ceiling...

I will never go to a rock concert again. I was never so tired.

But it was really fun. (Except for the being mauled to death part). 

Sunday was a seriously gorgeous day. Church with the hubby was nice. After church I set up camp in the backyard. I had to do a bunch of boring homework, but the day was way to pretty to be spent pent up in the house. The yard was beautiful, and I was only distracted every once in a while!

All in all, I was so happy to have some fun and get an entire day with just me and my husband. We are both so busy that we never have time for that sort of thing any more. I think everyone needs an adventure every now and again to keep things fun and fresh!

I hope y'all had a great weekend! And here is a big, happy hello to new adventures for this brand new week!

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