Thursday, October 4, 2012

Running Angry

When I run angry I have a rule: I can get as mad as I need too. Anger can fill up every corner. I can get so mad I can feel my hands shaking. That is the  whole point. I feel angry. I don't try to push it away or over come it. I let anger in. But then, I have to run.

I have to run until the anger wears out. I have to pound that anger out against the pavement. I have to leave it behind me. Sometimes I can just imagine steam blowing off me, leaving a trail that evaporates harmlessly into the air. I have to push my pace. I have to run until I no longer see red. Run until peace and exhaustion settle in and take back their space. And I can not return home until all the anger is gone. Anger is left on the road. I don't need it.

It slows me down.

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