Monday, October 15, 2012


So I had to go to my storage unit this weekend cause I needed stuff. Like sweaters (it's cold here.) Well Stephen had military stuff to do, so he went down with me to help me get it open and then he had to leave. I had the brilliant Idea to climb on top of a dresser to get a box. Which resulted in boxes falling on my head and on my feet and trapping me on top of the dresser. Alone. All by myself. And there was a spider on the wall. (GROSS!)

I knew that my brother was on his way to help me out, but he was in a different city still. So I called Dad. The conversation went like this:
"Hey Dad. Are you busy?"
"Just programming."
"Great! Hey, so... I am stuck in a storage unit... on top of a dresser... by myself... stuck."
"Umm... what?"
"Yeah. I'm stuck in a storage unit."
"WHAT?! (He started to panic a little) You are stuck inside a storage unit, by yourself. The door is closed?! Where are you?!"
"No, no, no dad. The door is open. I am just stuck up on a dresser inside the unit by myself. And someone just drove by and I am a little afraid someone is going to come and steal my stuff and kidnap me. Can you come get me down please?"
And then I heard a sigh. The sigh that said, "Only my daughter would get herself in a situation like this. What did I do wrong as a parent." But he only said, "Yes. I'll be right there. Where are you?"

10 minutes later my dad showed up and un-burried me and got me down. In those 10 minutes though I learned some things: 1- It is Murphy's Law (who is Murphy and why does he get the cool law?) that when you are in the most inconvenient place you will have to pee. Bad. 2 - I can kill spiders. I just never want to have to be that brave again. 3 - Never assume you are smarter than a box.

When my Dad saw me he laughed for a few minutes. And then he got me down. And then my brother showed up and they were amazing and helped me get everything I needed (even though we unpacked nearly the entire storage unit and then put it all back. They are just that awesome).

So the lesson learned is... Family is awesome. They are always there to help you out. And don't think you can tackle a storage unit on your own. It won't work. (Even with my dad there I almost ended up getting speared in the face with some metal bedposts. I did get hit in the face with a boogie board. I don't even know why we have a boogie board. We live in a land locked state!)

Tonight, I get to go to the opera! (YAY!) and this week I am going to make some awesome things happen. Just you wait...


  1. What a crazy situation! Glad your dad was able to help ya out! that's what family is for ;) have fun at the opera tonight ;)

  2. I think I'm adding that to my list of rules! "Never assume you are smarter than a box." I'm still giggling over that!

    1. I think that by accepting this rule into your life, you will be better prepared for any box-related disaster. Better to be safe than sorry!

  3. Sounds like something I would do! Funny, but I am sure it wasn't funny at the time!

    1. Funny enough, I was laughing the whole time (until it made me have to pee even worse) because it was just so ridiculous. My life is full of moments like this, and I've learned that to laugh is to live! Your blog is adorable, btw, your daughter is so precious.