Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In Honor of Malala

I was thinking about doing an "outfit" post today. After all I love clothes (like a lot) and jewelry and everything. But then I read an article about a 14 year old Pakistani girl hot in the head and neck by the Taliban on a school bus for being a feminist blogger. And my heart broke.

Suddenly, I couldn't write a peppy post about my adorable new rosette dress and how much I love my husband.

Here I am, sitting comfortably, writing this post without fear. I could write about whatever I want. I could tell you how much I love Jesus and Heavenly Father. I could write about how much I dislike politics. I could even write horrible, hateful things and the worst that could happen is some verbal backlash. No one would hunt me down for speaking my mind and shoot me. I am not living in fear.

I have freedom. I have the freedom to speak and write what I want.

It is so easy to be wrapped up in my small life. To get giggly over some TV show, excited over nail polish and sad because my blow dryer broke. It is simple to ignore the hardships and heartaches of those trapped in a tyrannical society. It is easy to fret about not having any pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies and forget about the children who will go to sleep hungry tonight, tomorrow and the next night.

How blessed are we? We bloggers who get to enjoy our freedom to mix prints and colors and share it with a welcoming community. I worry about fitness, accepting myself and eating healthy. What small worries.

Of course, all of these things are fine. I am not condemning blogging about fashion or fitness or anything. I am part of that community and I love it.

But today God reminded me of a much bigger world. A world with problems so big no one can solve them. And pain that pulsates and grows and creates chaos and fear. A world with small miracles. A world with beautiful people brave enough, even at fourteen, to speak the truth; even though doing so knowingly put her own life at risk.

How blessed are we?

We have each other. We have support. We have love. We have life's needs. We have everything.

So today, I want to honor this young girl and all she stood for. Her actions and words have inspired me to remember. She has inspired me to see what more I can do to help others find their voice. Let us join together and with a prayer in our hearts try to help heal this broken world.

We are strong. We are many. We are blessed.

Thank you Malala. Keep fighting. We are behind you all the way.

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  1. Yet again Jeannie you have blogged an amazing post! Thank you for this touching tribute! It's a great reminder that there are people out there who don't have the freedoms we do! It's totally normal to have your struggles and things that seems so small to others are actually to you so traumatic; what's hard for one person is easy for another, but I love your perspective! Keep writing!

  2. Such a great post. Glad I found you on the blog hop... new follower!


  3. We truly are so blessed to have freedom--it's awesome that you recognize how much you have!

    1. I think that gratitude is definitely something we have to work on everyday. But when I hear stories like this, it isn't so hard to be grateful for all that I have. Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Jeanie, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    1. Thank you Chris. I appreciate you stopping by and staying a while. I'm glad you found me, and I am excited to check your blog out!