Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dress for the Job You Want...?

You know that saying "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"?

I was thinking about that today... My dream job is being a stay at home mom and author (preferably in a nudist colony... but we'll ignore that and carry on like I'm not crazy). So pretty much I could wear yoga pants and my husband's t-shirts all the time and no one would notice or care. And I would be pretty OK with that. (Yeah I know, we should dress for ourselves and feel pretty and yada yada yada, but I would at least like the option of staying in m pj's all day if I wanted too...).

I don't think my current job would be OK with that though.

If I were to dress for the job I want, I would be wearing this:
Comfy looking, huh?
My employer would prefer that I dress like this:

And my husband would prefer it if I dressed liked this:

You didn't think I was actually going to show you that did you?!

But seriously, I just wish I could wear my yoga pants everywhere, all the time.

I don't know.. maybe it's just me. I just want to wear me some stretchy pants.

"Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun." (tee hee)

How would you dress if you were to dress for the job you want?

PS - I just BARELY noticed this:

Yup.... I walked out the door this morning with two different boots on. Oops.

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  1. Haha this is a funny post. I'm a stay at home mom and I live in my stretchy pants and boyfriend tees. I think it's becoming a problem lol. I still wear my maternity leggings and I'm almost 5 months post-partum haha :S

    Thank you for linking up to Followers to Friend's blog hop, I hope you met some cool new bloggy friends :)
    Happy Halloween x

    P.S. Shabby Apple are giving away a dress on my blog if you want to enter!

  2. Ha ha! I never thought about being a stay at home mom and dressing for the job but I absolutely hate the fact that stay-at-home moms wear pjs! Just because a woman stays at home does not mean she has to let herself go and just be in pjs all day. I've never done that and I never intend too! I always get dressed up so I won't be one of those moms who does that even if I never go anywhere for the day. It definitely makes a difference in my attitude and how I feel about myself so when you become a mom, you don't have to wear pjs *unless you want to but you can dress up as well!

  3. Oh this is funny! I'd love it if I could dress for the job I wanted because my ideal job would let me wear all sorts of bright colors and dresses and whatever strange combinations of clothes I could come up with. So many my ideal job is to be self-employed. Because right now my school requires a black and white uniform every day!
    I love the Nacho Libre quote...and a week or two ago I got in my car and then realized I was wearing my slippers, not shoes. Oh dear!

  4. I love your two different boots! That is hilarious!