Friday, October 26, 2012

Tidbits, Odds and Ends and News

So I have all this stuff I keep meaning to write about... but then I end up writing an entirely different post when I sit down and start typing. So here is a post about the odds and ends and tidbits. And some news. Some hair news. (Be ready to be amazed).

Last Saturday I got to take a much needed study break and go see Hotel Transylvania with my sisters. All three of them! The movie was hilarious (seriously, a must see for kids and adults. I laughed so hard.) And then we got to go over to the Sweet Tooth Fairy and get a cupcake! The little girls got fairyfetti. The big girls got Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake (all in one cupcake. And yes, it was divine).

This was the first time I realized that all us sisters have the same nose!
These girls are the best. The youngest one with the missing teeth is 15 years younger than I am (she was born one week before my birthday!). We have a special bond being the "book ends" of the family. Us girls have to stick together cause we have four brothers (that is eights kids in all, y'all. My mother is a freakin' saint!)

They are such beautiful girls. I love them (and the oldest sister *not me, the second oldest sister* is really blooming. Not only is she almost taller than me, but she is drop dead gorgeous. Her brothers have to go with her to every party/outing to keep the boys at bay!)

I know that fall has been in the air, but... look at these pictures. Fall wasn't just in the air it was everywhere!

This is outside "my" house (it's really my in-laws, but I live there right now too). Gorgeous right?!

And it wouldn't be fall if I didn't show off my boots :)

 Of course, the morning after I took the pretty leave pictures:

That is snow. Everywhere. That picture on the left is me in my car, after my sweet neighbor helped dig it out and brush it off. And that is snow in my hair! WHY?!?!?!

Speaking of hair, some things have happened. If you follow me on twitter (what you don't follow me? WHY NOT? Pretty please follow me? I'm lonely with my five awesome followers. And sometimes I actually say stuff that is funny...) you'll see that I dyed my hair.

And then, do you remember that post I wrote about the whole liebster thingy and what I would change? Well, I don't really have a whole lot of patience with the growing out the hair thing so...

Yup. I put my extensions back in! (I had them in last year, took them out... long story short. They are back!) And I lllloooooooooovvvvveee having long hair. For me, I just feel infinitely more attractive when I have long hair. I don't know what it is, but for me my femininity is pretty much tied to the length of my hair. Go figure.

And last but certainly not least, my incredible sister brought me a Sausage McGriddle thingy and caramel hot chocolate this morning. Cause Friday was acting like a Monday. And because she loves me lots and lots. I don't know what I would do without my sister!

So there we go folks. An update of this week!  (And some of last week too...) Do you have any tidbits you'd like to share? I would love to hear about the little moments that made your week into a wonderful one!

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  1. Such a cute family! I have one older brother, but I've always wanted sisters, haha

    1. Sisters are the best. Even if they are generally a lot younger than you are...

  2. Hi Jeannie!! :) Love this post, and your pictures are so fun! You and your sisters are just beautiful!! I love the extensions, and I totally feel the same way about my hair. My husband loves it short, but I am so much more comfortable with it longer!! It looks like you had such a fun week!! Have a blessed day :)

    1. Thanks Amanda! And thank you for stopping by. I love meeting new people :) And I agree, the longer my hair is the prettier I feel.

  3. love the little tidbits and how much you love your little sisters! So cute! well in my world, I just dyed my hair too-it was much needed and I love it! Of course every time I dye my hair I think of that wonderful night when you cut and dyed my hair the best haircut of my life! I miss those days but then I just have to look up at my daughter and her cuteness and I'm grateful to be where I'm at! I have the cutest daughter in the world! I just love her and I love you too!