Friday, February 22, 2013

My Weirdo Running

The only thing consistent with my running is knee pain.

Which I couldn't exactly understand. I mean, I'm young! So I should be all... pain and injury free, right?


Apparently, I run a little.... funny. Here I thought I had good form. I was trying pretty hard. You know, strike on the right part of my foot, lift my feet up, chest and back straight.

I could not figure out why I always ended up with pain in my left knee. Its awful! And then, last night, I swallowed my pride and asked my husband to watch my running form.

Low and behold, I run... weird. I wish I could explain this... here, let me try and draw you a picture.

I never claimed to be an artist! What I am trying to explain here is that when I bring my left foot down it turns inward. And I look like a gimp. And it is not good, and doing a number on my knee.

How I did not notice this for... who knows how long... I don't know. Stephen was imitating my run, over exaggerating most definitely (or at least he better have been, or I am in worst shape than I already am), but it looked utterly ridiculous. So now I have to work on correcting that, which is going to do a number to my miles and timing. But I guess it will be worth it...

I am not the only who who does stupid stuff like this, right? I mean, now I am going to be self conscious about my weird-o running style. I can't be the only one...

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  1. If your foot rolls inward you might need an orthotic or runners that specially allow for it and correct it, rather than just technique. I read about it once when I was getting shin pain when running. I'm not an expert so maybe just get fitted at a store (it's free in Athletes foot here in Australia).

    I hope your knee gets better soon!

    1. Thank you! I love it when people know what I am talking about :) I am headed to a running store to get it all figured out!