Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Trifecta of Grumpydom

There are three things that just shouldn't happen at the same time for any woman.
1. You're Period
2. A Cold
3. Zero Sleep

Alone, they still make life unpleasant. All together? It is like the trifecta of grumpydom. I mean, one of those things on their own is enough to make a girl wanna punch through a window.

I know that my period is unavoidable. Its gonna happen, so I am a little more resigned to that. But it doesn't mean the cramps get any more pleasant (its like my uterus is trying to implode, or lead a coup to kill me from the inside out!). Or the hormones easier to deal with (Don't judge, I might have thrown things at the TV during the Bachelor last night).

Don't even get me STARTED on a cold. I have zero patience with a stuffy nose. None. It makes me irritated at everyone and everything. I would rather have the stomach flu for 24 hours and be done with it, than have a stuffy/drippy nose for three weeks.

And zero sleep. Need I say more?

Needless to say, I am a grump today. Four chocolate kisses and herbal tea didn't even dent the gloom that surrounds my desk. When ever I page someone over the intercom, it sounds like I am telling whatshisbucket or whosisface that their imminent doom is on line 3. I think the shipping department has stopped approaching my desk for fear that decapitation is just around the corner.

I am sorry world. Truly I am. Maybe tomorrow I will be a nicer version of me. Don't hold your breath or anything, but hope is always a nice thing to have.

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