Monday, February 4, 2013

My Graceful Moments

My whole life I've been known as a klutz. I've been teased for tripping over the lines painted on a basketball court. I spent my entire time at Disneyland tripping over my own feet. My husband laughed at me, as did my aunt and uncle as I continued to do what I call "stutter-walking". You know, walking along and then catch your feet on nothing and take a couple of ungraceful stutter-steps. I did that pretty much the whole time. The tips of my toes were bruised from being shoved into the front of my shoe.

I am such a rebel.

Well, Saturday night I had yet another confrontation with the stairs. We often go head to head, and I always seem to lose. This Saturday was more alarming than most, however. Usually I walk up the stairs, trip and fall forward. Sometimes I trip over a stair going downstairs and have to catch my balance.

This time, I was racing down the stairs (for no apparent reason) and tripped on the third stair I stepped on, rolled my ankle, thought I caught my balance only to go thudding and rolling down the rest of the staircase. It was loud and dramatic sounding. Dramatic sounding from the thuds, thumps and my screech. By the time I landed at the bottom of the stairs my brother in law was at the top of the stairs about ready to fly down and restore life to what could only be assumed to be my unconscious body. My husband had flown to the banister and about jumped over the banister to say his final good bye.

Both looked monumentally concerned.

Until I started laughing hysterically. I was fine. The left side of my body is nicely bruised, my ankle a little tender, but nothing bad. Upon seeing that I wasn't dead, they both laughed and spent the rest of the night teasing me for my grace and dignity.

I wish I could say this was one funny moment in my life. In reality, this is one moment among many. For a few years the X-ray tech at our local hospital new me quite well. I just seem to have a magnet for disaster.

Am I the only person who has trouble with stairs? Anyone else have any good klutzy moments they'd like to share?


  1. Ouch!!! Your story made me cringe! Haha.


  2. Oh my goodness the stairs and I have never gotten along. My mother used to yell at me for scaring her so much with the 2 steps between her kitchen and family room.... yes 2 steps and I fell at least once a day.

    When I was about 8 months pregnant, I finally realized what I had to do to survive stairs... slow down and actually watch my feet on the steps! Yes, now I walk down stairs like an old lady, but hey at least I've been fall free for more than 3 years.

    Hopefully I did not just jinx myself! =)

    1. So, taking it slow? That is the magical secret I have been missing out on for all these years?! I may just have to try this... I once had a good friend tell me that the reason I am so clumsy is that my mind is always going a mile a minute thinking about crazy and outlandish things, so I don't have any free space to think about walking.