Monday, February 11, 2013

It Ain't Fair: Shaving Edition

Life's not fair. I get it. Trust me. I live in Utah. Some people live in Florida. Not fair. (In case you miss how that is not fair, let me just say that I HATE snow, and I am 90% positive that I am solar powered. More on that later)

You know what is really and truly not fair? Shaving. Look, I know all about how the media and society have objectified, sexualized and marginalized women. And it upsets me. Like a lot. Drives me absolutely nuts! But this goes beyond that. 

Shaving. It is not socially acceptable to go around with a bunch of leg/armpit hair: FOR WOMEN. Men can say, "Yeah, well I have to shave my face!" Big whoop. You can have a beard. And sometimes they look super cool. And I have seen some stellar mustaches. Some men shave their chests, but you know what fellas? Society won't look aghast at your lack of grooming if you don't. But us pretty ladies? We have to shave half our body. And sure, we can hide it with jeans and leggings and sometimes tights (tights can be gnarly on unshaved legs), but at the end of the day... we have to shave.

Shaving takes up a lot of time. I am pretty sure that if 5 women collectively took all the time it takes for them to properly shave every month, they would have enough time to solve the national deficit. 

I've thought about this a lot. And, from discussions with my husband, yes I love the feeling of my smooth legs (especially when I climb into soft, clean sheets at night). BUT I would never have to know the feeling of stubble on HALF MY BODY if I had never had to shave. Think about it. What if we all grew up thinking that it was sexy for men to be hairless beings. How would you like that menfolk? Huh? Years and years ago, women didn't have to shave. It just wasn't done (We also rarely bathed more than once a week, but I digress).

WHO came up with the crazy, outlandish idea that women should be hairless. And I mean HAIRLESS. My ladybits, they don't like the razor. TMI? I don't think so. Cause y'all are thinking it. Men have different preferences. And we women usually try to accommodate (You know it is true. I have many a friend who keeps a certain hair length/color because their man likes it, so I know this applies as well.) Some men just want some nice grooming. You know, trimming down the wilderness. Others want not a hair in sight (talk about a lot of work!). Some men like it "au naturel" and you can have yourself a thicket. But those men are rare. 

Oh the time! The TIME it takes to keep oneself hairless. And don't even get me started on cost (I can't use those cheap razors. I just can't. And then some women WAX! And Laser Hair Removal! Oh the agony! Oh my WALLET!) If women stopped shaving, put all the money they put towards razors/shaving cream/lotion/waxing/laser hair removal then all that money together would solve the deficit. 

I know that I can't change things. I know that I won't go all hippy and stop shaving my legs in protest. I know that I will always appreciate the smooth feeling that follows for the ONE (and only one) day that follows shaving. I know defeat when I see it.

But you know what I DO want? I want a sincere thank you from men everywhere for following their crazy, outlandish, against nature's request to shave half our body. A thank you. A sweet gesture of appreciation. Maybe they should try shaving all that we shave every once in a while to truly appreciate all we go through. And maybe we should have a shaving appreciation day. 

I guess what I am trying to say is... can't a gal get a thank you for shaving? Is that too much to ask for?


  1. Omg so true! I get really lazy about shaving my legs in the winter. My husband hates it, but I just cross my fingers that I don't end up in the ER or something. Lol! And why is it, that after all these years of shaving I still manage to nick myself every. Single. Time. So not fair!!

    1. Shaving in the winter is just... unfair. More unfairness. Hardly anyone sees my legs. Just the hubs. So sometimes, he just has to suck it up. And I always seem to nick myself. You should see what happened to my thumbnail when I slipped in the shower a bit a go. Nice big chunks right out of my FINGERNAIL!

  2. Oh my gosh THANK YOU!!!! I was just thinking this today when I was shaving my legs. It is the worst!! Thank you thank you thank you.

  3. Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. Haha, awesome post. So funny and true. :)


  4. I love this post. So true!