Friday, March 1, 2013


Sometimes... being brave means doing something a lot of people will not understand. It means stepping into the dark and not knowing what is going to greet you. It means quitting a job with nothing lined up, for the sake of your personal happiness.

Sometimes... You realize that what you've been doing for the last 7 years isn't going to work any more. And if that means leaving jobs you are now over qualified for and heading to an industry you swore you would never work in... so be it. Sometimes... things change. And since working behind a desk seems to be slowly killing me, I'll find a job that doesn't. Whatever that is...

Sometimes... You find what it is you REALLY want to do with your life, but things are quite lined up to make it happen right now. So you start to practice patience. Lots and lots of patience.

Sometimes... Life gets crazy, crazy busy and you don't post on your blog every often. Which is fine.

Sometimes... You push out of your comfort zone to find a whole new world of possibilities.

Sometimes your husband just loves you...

This week my sweet husband went to the grocery store for me. I had a massive headache, a lesson to prepare and a paper to write. He took grocery shopping off my hands and went off to buy some bread and milk and protein shakes.

He came home with a new Kindle Paperwhite FOR ME!!!

I made a huge *GASP* inhale noise, and about died. No seriously, I was choking pretty badly. And squeaking horribly. It was a mix between a chipmunk being stabbed repeatedly and an old man with emphysema. My husband just stood there and laughed at me.

I am SO excited to play with my new toy!!! (I am pretty much addicted to reading... so... yeah. Best gift EVER. And he surprised me with my very first Kindle when we were first married. This man knows me. He loves me. And he shows me he loves me!)

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  1. Oh Jeannie! I'm so proud of you! Sometimes you need to do all those things you mentioned and I"m so happy that you have! I"m also so happy that you have an amazing husband for you who gives you the perfect gift! God bless you in all you do ;)