Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Happy Place

Sometimes you just have to run away. To Disneyland. Which is what I am doing this weekend. Finally.

I haven't been on an actual vacation in I don't know how long. Way too long. Months and months. Christmas was NOT a vacation. I had only Christmas day and New Years day off. (That's right, I worked Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. And it sucked). So THIS is my Christmas Vacation. And my Anniversary Celebration. It is a lot of things.

It is leaving the worst air in the nation. It is going to sunshine. It is leaving work and school behind. It is warmth. It is a hot tub. It is the happiest place on earth. Is roller coasters. It is the best breakfast in the universe (more on this later). It is stress free time with my busy husband.

It is the best thing EVER.

And amid all my frustrations, panic attacks, papers, work, laundry, dishes, French and chaos I get to go to my happy place. For reals guys. Not just closing my eyes, taking deep breaths and imagining myself in my happy place. I get to physically go there.

You can't beat that!

Of course, as I have thought about the joy of physically going to my happy place, I have decided that I really need to work on developing this inner peace that allows me to physically be in a new happy place. A place that doesn't need anything to exist. It just simply is. It is. Peace. Quiet. Love. Acceptance. Serenity.

Yeah, I want all of that in my life all the time.

So here is to my happy place, physically and spiritually. Cheers!

Where is your physical happy place? How do you develop a spiritual happy place you can carry around with you? Do tell, I want to hear what you have to say!

This little guy has obviously already found his happy place!
P.S. - This was my dog Dexter. I miss him like crazy!
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  1. I am so happy you are taking a break! Have fun! Good luck finding your inner peace! It is quite the journey but once you find it, you will feel happier and be able to go there even when the world around you is crazy! For me, it truly is s state of mind. It is as if I mentally go there-my place looks like being up in the mountains. It is peaceful and I truly am happy. I know you have found your place already, you just have to remember where it is ;-)