Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Things

So its been a while. A bit, one might say. And in this while and bit lots of things have happened.

BIG things have happened.

Such as: I am a certified yoga instructor.

I moved. Twice.

I got two new jobs.

I'm moving to India for three months.

What, that last one caught you off guard? To be honest, it caught me off guard as well. I mean, my husband and I had talked about it. He has to go for his degree. But for some reason I never thought it would actually happen.

This is Visakhapatnam. Usually called Visak. Where we will be staying. 

It is happening. In 37 days. (Holy crap!) That is really soon.

I'm kind of freaking out a little a lot. A lottle. I am freaking out a lottle.

And I am super excited. And scared. And ready. And not even CLOSE to ready.

So I'll back up.

Stephen is an Anthropology major. To graduate he must do a field study. He is doing his field study in India. Visakhapatnam, India to be exact. He will be doing an awesome field study there that I won't even try to explain because it is to anthropological for my brain.

I am coming along for the ride because... well DUH. It is India. And my husband. And I have spent much too much time away from him as it is. And, now that I am a yoga instructor, it will be the coolest thing ever to actually study yoga in India! It makes me immensely happy. And terrified at the same time. I am terriappy. (That word combo doesn't work as well. Moving on.)
Being a yoga instructor makes it hard to enjoy yoga pictures.
 I see alignment issues and it ruins it. But seriously,

We've been doing visas and vaccines (ouch!) and planning what in the world we are taking with us, what we are leaving. Its all a crazy, crazy adventure. All happening at once!

What is super exciting is that we will be spending two weeks in Europe on our way to India. We will be traveling from London, through France and ending in Germany. We've never been to France or Germany and so we are really excited! (Except for the packing part.... I am in a quandary of how to pack for the rainy season in Europe and the blazing hot season in India. All in one big backpack. Anyone own a shrink ray?)

I'm so excited for all of this! I'll be giving more updates as they come along, and you can always follow our adventure here. I'll have internet access in India, so I can keep y'all posted at once!

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