Monday, April 28, 2014

Meditation Monday - Love and Gratitude

Today's meditation is probably one of my favorites. It is simple and incredibly beneficial. And you can do it for as long or as short as you would like. Simply find yourself in a nice, comfortable position. My favorite is to sit in a supported half-lotus or cross legged position with a wall or pillow behind me. I place my hands palms up on my knees, but you can put your hands wherever is comfortable to you. You can even do this sitting in your car (NOT while driving) or at your desk.

Take 5 or 6 deep, cleansing breaths and then simply focus on breathing in Love, and breathing out Gratitude. You can focus on simply the feeling of love and gratitude, or you can focus on something you love about yourself and exhale something you are grateful for. I find that I do a little of both. Especially if it is a longer meditation.

When you focus just on being plain old grateful, for everything, and you can feel the gratitude just exuding from you. And as you breathe in all that love, you just fill right up with happiness.

Halfway through you could reverse things, breath in gratitude and breath out love.

However you do it, even if it is just 3 minutes, it is a great way to tune into all the positive, lovely things that surround you. Especially if you are having a hard day, having a hard time getting along with someone or have any stresses in your life.

Give it a try, tell me what you think!


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