Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Adventure Before the Adventure

So before we fly to India we actually get to spend 2 weeks in Europe. We will fly into London and fly out of Frankfurt. So we've got several days planned in London, Paris and several cities along the Romantic Road in Germany. 

It is strange because I think I am most excited for Germany. I have been to London once, but I had to wander around by myself. And I definitely didn't see everything I wanted too. I did my thesis on Henry VIII's 3rd wife Jane Seymour, and I have spent years studying English history. So I am rather in love with London. I've never been to Paris, and I have always wanted to go. And by always, I mean it is on my bucket list. But Germany.... it has this great unknown, wonderful quality to it. 

I've had so many people tell me about Paris. I've read about, seen movies about it and even learned French (I've forgotten most of it. But hey, I tried.) And so i think I am excited about Germany because I get to go to cities no one has told me about. And we will have a car to drive around in. And that will be beautiful and wonderful. No trains or buses to catch. Just being able to get totally, wonderfully, magically lost in a strange land full of castles and a language I can't comprehend.

Maybe that doesn't sound so great to some. But I love the idea of no itinerary. We will have a pretty strict itinerary for London and Paris. There is so much we've been told we have to see. But in Germany, traveling through Rothenburg, Heidelberg and seeing all that we want in between.

It is kind of funny to travel with my husband. We view "vacation" differently. He wants adventure and exploration and doing. I want to rest and see and refresh and not do. That is why we like cruises. I've got hours to sit by a pool, or on a deck, in the sunshine. Next to the ice cream machine (the most important part). And I read. Book after book. And I nap. And I soak up lots and lots and lots of sunshine.  And then, we come to port and we get out and we explore and do and see and walk and move. It allows both of us to be happy. 

So this trip, I feel like Germany is going to be my kind of place. We will kill ourselves walking and doing and seeing all over London and Paris. And then we will get to Germany and get lost just the way I like. We will meander. We will experience. We will breathe it all in.

I'm sure that by the time we arrive in India we will be exhausted from traveling across Western Europe and seeing all we could see. Plus the time difference... I am expecting a major crash and burn and several days spent on sleep. But that is a topic for another time.

We are still setting up our itinerary for Europe. Where would you suggest we go? If you could go anywhere in England, France or Germany where would you go? Any place we absolutely have to see?

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