Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Survival Skillz

Something strange to some, including myself, is that I love to watch survival shows. My husband and I find those shows to be fascinating.

Granted, I am watching those shows as I sit and scrapbook, fold laundry or sew.... (not exactly hardcore, outdoor activities). But I still love them. I think I like knowing. You know, knowing that cat claw vine can be used as a source of water. Or that ground termites act as a natural mosquito repellent. Useful things.

Our favorite shows so far are Naked and Afraid (Seriously, super interesting. Two stranger meet up, no clothes, no shoes. Nothing. And have to survive for 21 days. Don't worry, all the important things are all blurried out.) And Dual Survival. (two men, one a survival specialist who hasn't worn shoes in 20 years, lives in a yurt and knows all kinds of awesome Native American things. The other an ex Spec Op Forces military dude. Its
like me and Stephen, with a lot more knowledge and they are two dudes.)

My husband would probably do really well in a survival situation. He has all kinds of knowledge. And he is a dude. I would be like... "Oh now! My contact fell out. I can't see anything. Crap, my blood sugar levels are really low. I think I'm going to pass out." And then I would pass out. And die. And if that didn't happen, whenever it got bad and stressed I would sit down and meditate. And drive everyone around me bonkers as they try to build shelter, find water and food and stay alive.

Them: "Get up and do something useful. You aren't doing ANYTHING!"

Me: "I am meditating. To feed my spirit. To stay emotionally strong and connected."

Them: "Good luck surviving on that. We're gonna go kill that rabbit for dinner. You don't get any. Loser."

And then I would die.

In reality, I know some useful crap. Like how to make homemade soap from stuff you'd find in a primitive situation, how to kind of sew, how to be positive even in bad weather. And I even know not to eat certain berries. Also,to stay away from snakes.

We actually want to take survivalist courses and stuff some day. So I can be useful in these kinds of situations. I think it would be pretty awesome. I mean, I like camping and stuff. So, why not learn how to be self sufficient in the wilderness?

Mainly, all of my chances to survival in the wild will be in my husband's loving hands.

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