Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two More Days!

Ok, so I have aaaaaallllllllllll of these posts I want to put up, BUT I am currently without internet at my new place. With only internet at work, I haven't really had a chance to put anything together like I want too.
So I am just stopping by to join in a quick little round of Gratitudes.
I am so grateful to finally be almost  unpacked. Just the dreaded "second bedroom" (soon to be office) and decorating really, and then those straggling pieces of random stuff that we aren't sure what to do with. They usually end up getting thrown away...
Warm weather! I mean, this week has been pretty rainy. But it has been a Spring rain and not a Winter rain. Which means, in my neck of the woods, the smell of rain hitting warm pavement, the humidity bringing out all the fragrances of spring blossoms and cozying up to my hubby while we watch Star Wars.
Speaking of Star Wars, yes. It is something I'm grateful for. Star Wars is awesome. And I have never seen all of the "new" ones. So this week we finally made it through the third one. Totally explains Darth Vader. I get it now.
Most of all, I am STOKED for my cruise! We leave for Disney World on Saturday. After four days in the magic land of Disney we head off for our four day cruise to the Bahamas! That is just two days away. One more work day. I am sooooo excited (and spazzing OUT) about going on my very first cruise.
For all y'all that have been a-cruisin' before, any advice? I'm assembling my packing list right now. Anything I should absolutely bring? Anything that isn't necessary? What was your favorite part of the cruise? I'm so excited and nervous, I need more info!

And does anyone have any request of great/weird/awesome pictures in Disney World. I'm dedicating a few rides to my brother who is in Honduras, and I'll be sending him pictures of me either ON the ride or right before. So, I'm taking requests from other people too. Give me a list!
Alright folks, I'll try to check in soon, but it might not be until AFTER the cruise happens... we'll see.

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