Friday, April 11, 2014

Where We Shall Live in India (and pictures of my cat. Just go with it.)

So India is going to hold a lot of adventures. I mean new people, food, places, new languages, no toilet paper or air conditioning.... So much change and difference!

When people ask what I think India will be like I simply say, "I expect a lot of different." And that is the truth. 

But before you think we will be living in a little thatched roof hut, think again. Think more.... 3 bedroom apartment, with marble (you heard me, marble, how fancy-pants is that?!) floors. In all honesty, I would take just a regular floor if I could have toilet paper. Strangely, that wasn't an option. So I'll just go with it. 

Another difference? I'll have people doing my laundry, cooking my meals and cleaning the apartment. Waaaaaayyyy different from my current lifestyle. (Please note, I've had cereal for dinner multiple times this week. So I am really looking forward to the whole provided meals thing.) I'm excited for the laundry doing as well. I mean, laundry and dishes are my least favorite things that exist besides the dentist. Really. So to have someone do that for me?! Best three months ever.

Normally, we wouldn't have this set up at all. But the university is providing it for us! How awesome is that?! I'm pretty excited about all of the fancy-pants treatment.

But there are some things I am going to miss about my house, though I have to clean it all by myself. Like my bed. I love my bed. Being able to drink straight from the tap. And, most of all, my cat.

Guys, I have an adorable cat. Maggie is the best. She is fat and amiable and cuddly and incredibly opinionated. She likes to try and sew with me, and read with me and she would "help" me cook if I let her. 

We rescued her off the streets about a year ago, and she has turned into the best cat ever. 

She will take the milk and leave you She is also a milk stealer (never leave your cereal bowl unattended. with soggy, gross, cat-saliviaed corn flakes. Gross.). And she likes to lick people like a dog. Which is weird, but I love it. Also, you'd think I would just kick her off the table instead of taking a picture first....

Here's the thing guys, we had someone all lined up to sublet our apartment and watch our adorable kitty. But it fell through yesterday. This makes me anxious. I don't want to leave my cat with just anyone! (or my apartment for that matter!) So if you are looking for housing, or know anyone who is looking for housing please check out this ad.

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