Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baclava and Corndogs

I. hate. car. shopping.

I know, I know, hate is strong word. Love and kindness make life so much easier.

But seriously... car shopping turns me into this nasty version of myself. And that is all we've been doing (besides homework, housework and regular work) for the past few weeks... months... decades. (ok, maybe it only feels that way). I've been trying to be a whole lot nicer about it. You know, not let it stress me out. 

But man, it's been weeks and I feel like we are no where near buying a car! *sigh* I know I'll live being dropped off and picked up, cause I've lived that way for five months now, but I sure don't want too.

Today I tried a different approach to the whole car shopping experience. It didn't go perfectly, but it went better. Want to know what I did differently? I listened to my husband and my instincts. 

Yes, I said it. I listened to my husband. He knows a whole lot, especially about cars. And he is working so hard to make sure we actually get a car here soon. Seriously, that guy is awesome. But we've had differing ideas about what we want/price/size/make/etc that instead of making him my partner, I've alienated him. 

Stupid move. 

Especially when he knows so much!

But today I listened. Today we communicated. It was pretty awesome.

We looked at two whole cars. Neither of them worked out. But at least it wasn't a hellish experience, like it had been before. And after the car shopping we went and got dinner at a local burger joint.

A burger joint that also serves Greek food. Weird, I know. But it was tasty! I got some of my favorite foods together: Corndogs (yes, I am secretly still a kid) and baclava. Both were delicious. I don't know how healthy my meal was, but I was sure a happy camper. 

I think that my life is kind of like my dinner tonight: half childish joy in unmatching mustache socks, coloring books, princess movies and love stories. The other half, grown up: school, work, housework, communicating. I want to have more love, acceptance, kindness and service in my life, but I'm not sure where it fits in because I think that all those concepts are easier in someways for children to understand. But you also have a deeper understanding of them as we grow. I'll think on it...

Any ways, I have a bunch of laundry to fold... So I should probably go. 

Here's a smile for you, Stephen took some pictures of me while I was enjoying my food. They aren't pretty, but they should make you smile!

Cute, huh?

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