Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Holy guacamole, great-aunty Claudia's favorite worn slippers it is finally Friday!

Although, half of me is slightly terrified that it got here so quickly. I mean, it took forever but it also got here way too fast. I don't have enough time in the day to get everything done.

But still, it is Friday and this makes me happy.

So, to look back and enjoy my "High Five for Friday" I thought I would focus on some of my favorite thoughts.

My husband is an awesome photographer.
This is me, taking a picture of him :)
There is beauty, happiness, love and learning everywhere. You just have to look for it. Heck, I even found optimism in the whole dropping-the-phone-in-the-toilet fiasco. (Wanna know what it is? I can get the new iPhone 5 without feeling guilt cause now I really do actually need a new phone!)

I think everything is in perspective. And I am trying to tune my perspective to always have a rosey glow.


I am the luckiest girl in the world to be surrounded by a bunch of people who love me. I mean, look at those smiling faces! (the girl in the blue who isn't me, is my sister. And she manages to look freakin' fantastic even when smushed inside a hula-hoop with all of her siblings.)

Even though I am so crazy busy I can't keep my head on straight, these people love me and pick me up and dust me off and keep me going. My brother brought me a book I needed for a paper from the school library because I was too busy to get there myself. That's love folks.

Here is my husband trying to bite my ear. I can't remember why. But for some reason, it was hilarious... And I am also sure I provoked him into doing it.

This is on the 17 mile drive in Carmel, CA. Put it on your bucket
list. It is truly beautiful.

It's the big dash against the rock that makes the prettiest pictures. (When I took this I could just see the Little Mermaid singing on that rock... I need to watch that again. ASAP). What I mean by this is that it is when things get the roughest that we find out the most beautiful things about ourselves. I have learned that I am quite good at talking myself out of despair and into productivity. Also, I write really good papers when I allow myself to stop thinking so hard. 

4. Cross bridges when you come to them!                 
This is somewhere near San Francisco... I took it while we
were driving to Six Flags
I am so very good at worrying about the future of this and the future of that. I add to my problems with future problems that I don't need to worry about yet. So this week, I realized that I have enough to deal with in the present. And, hey!, it is so much easier to enjoy the moment when you're not worried about the next moment. Or the moment after that...    
It's cool being me. Yesterday I wrote about finding my own voice. And you know, I have been a little bit happier inside ever since. Being me (or being you) is awesome. Even if that means you stand out alone, and look a little out of place sometimes. In the end, that out-of-placeness makes for some gorgeous pictures.
Now, enough of all this deep-thinking crap. Let's talk about a real life moment from... Moi.

I have climbed into the shower with my socks on twice... this week. I kid you not. 

Funny thing is, I hate wearing socks. I want to be barefoot, all the time! So why do I keep doing this? Do you ever climb in the shower with something on (i.e. socks, glasses, fully dressed...) cause your mind is on other things? I'm not the only one... right?!

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