Friday, September 7, 2012

My Favorites for Friday

It's Friday! We made it!

Of course, I started my Friday with a truly awful hair day. Anyone else feel like a bad hair day can ruin a day before it really begins? Cause I do. And I had to put my make-up on in the car. Real princess stuff here peeps.

But, I won't let it get me down! Let's be super positive instead, k?

Here are some of my favorite things from this week: 
Labor Day! I had an awesome barbeque with the family, and then went and saw Madagascar 3 (again...) with one of my besties. It was a good day. And that movie is hilarious.

 I don't remember why or where this water bottle came from.... let me think on it...


Oh yeah! I got it at the RSL game we went too last Saturday. It was an expensive water bottle, but I love it. It's such a wonderful size. It's my water bottle until my new one comes from FlyLady (SO excited about that)!

I LOVE my new running shoes. They give my calves a killer work out, and they have slowed my time down a bit as I work on proper running form. But they are awesome. And they make me happy. I want to go running Right Now!

I just love this guy. Like, a lot. He is my favorite all the time. Even when I'm mad at him. He is so patient and loving and funny. He rocks my world.

Yes, yogurt. 'Cause yogurt is awesome. And if you can have an apple turnover yogurt, then... wow! At first, this idea scared me. I mean, a turnover in a yogurt? Psht. Weird. But it's delicious. And different. And it makes both my taste buds and my tummy smile.

Other awesome things this week: Finding incredible singer/songwriter Greg Laswell (love this guy. Love every single one of his songs that I have listened too. That's rare folks), Completing an entire week of training for my 10K and not being dead (oh, I haven't told you about my 10k... Don't worry, I will.) Actually liking some of my homework. And the best of all...

This blog. I love this thing. I love finally opening up my soul and being vulnerable, letting other people hear about my hurts and struggles; and then finding out that my stories have helped some of you. I have received several messages thanking me for opening up. And I have to say that getting those messages was the best part of my week. It was fulfilling a dream for me.

My goal with writing this is to be open and honest and share with everyone how wonderfully ok it is to just be ok! I write because it helps me work through hard things, learn new, wonderful things and in a tiny hope that maybe something I say will help others. Thanks for making my dreams come true guys. You rock!

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