Monday, December 5, 2011

Joy, Love and Running

Joyous joy of jubilation!

I saw my husband! I had a wonderful, fantastic, beautiful couple of days in ugly Fort Leonard Wood. But I loved every second of it. I didn't mind the traveling or anything. I just loved seeing my husband.

I was so worried that he was going to change, and he did change. But only in good ways. I didn't think Stephen could become any better... but he did! And so, I had an amazing trip. (I won't bore you with my raptures of wedded bliss (: and you're very patient for my past happy posts).

So, this past weekend I had the opportunity to do the Santa Run in Provo! It was so much fun, but not very well planned. You see, I flew in the night before that. I was tired and grumpy without my husband. And, I had an elevation headache. I didn't sleep at all that night, worked that day from 9-2:00 (check in for the race was at 3:00). Add to that throwing up the morning of the race and eating only 1/4 of a Jamba Juice smoothie and you kind of have a recipe for disaster!

Oh, and I forgot my knee brace. Oops.

Thankfully, my awesome bestest bud/Aunt Tammy did the race with me!

We didn't exactly run the full 5K. We cut off about half a mile, but it was still a blast! (And our time was seriously damaged when 1/3 through the race I really, really had to pee so we stopped at a nice little restaurant and used the restroom. Oops).

Next time, we are going to run the whole thing! And it will be awesome.

I am still working hard on my weightloss/fitness goals. I love running and yoga, but I love yoga the best! My goal is to not gain any weight this holiday season. I managed to actually lose 1 lbs over Thanksgiving (quite a feat if you ask me!) so I know that I can succeed!

Well everyone, thanks for all of your love and support through it all. Now I just have to wait another two weeks and I get to see my husband again! Sadly, we still have another 4 1/2 months apart. But, we are blessed enough to be able to talk to each other every day. I think that is a miracle and a bigger blessing than most people will ever understand.

Stay awesome!

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