Friday, December 9, 2011

My Revolution

You know, there comes a time in ones life when it just seems like you must start a revolution! I've considered starting a revolution over my Senior Thesis... I thought about a revolution to end this ridiculous obsession with Twilight. I have pondered revolting against the mass love of Eggnog. But, it finally hit me today what revolution I want to start:

I more than kind of love this! I know how hard it is to love your body because, if you think about it, if you aren't depreciating your own value some people think you are vain/proud/cocky/etc. But you know what?! Let's start this revolution. Seriously, do you have any idea what could happen if the next generation of girls grew up hearing, "You are so beautiful!" and seeing real women with real bodies showing off the fashions of today?

Now, I know that there are a TON of organizations out there trying to change the image of what is "beautiful". Really! Want to see a list? (I really love this one!)

And that is just to name a few!

Can you remember the first time you felt that maybe you didn't look right? Maybe you should change something about yourself to fit in? Do you know when that consciousness started to develop? I can remember the first time I thought that there might be something "wrong" or "different" about myself. And you know what? It was when someone told me!

I lived blissfully unaware that I wasn't "beautiful" or "skinny" until someone actually pointed out that I needed to change to be happy. Guess what? Up until that point my clothes rarely matched, and I thought it was awesome. I didn't see a difference between myself or my friends. I thought we were all beautiful in our own way. Was I taller than one girl? Maybe. Didn't matter.

How could I have maintained that wonderful confidence? It would seem impossible in today's world. And, since that day I found out that I didn't look "good enough" I have been trying to change myself. I have been telling myself LIES!

"You're not good enough."

"You are not beautiful."

"No one could love you"

"What's the point in trying? You'll always be ugly and fat."

Like I said: LIES!

And you know what is sad? I would (and still do, to be perfectly honest with you) talk badly about myself around men to get them to compliment me ( I just do it around my husband now, poor guy). I needed to hear from others that they found me attractive because I couldn't see that in myself.

Something I have learned: Men Like Confident Women. 

They do. They find it irresistible and sexy. A study showed that one of the reasons men like "bad girls" is because they are confident and in full control of their body (or at least appear to be). 

Now, if you ask me... that seems like a pretty good thing. I want my husband to find me irresistible. I want to be that sexy, confident woman he can't wait to talk to. You know, when  you tear yourself down and you are hard on yourself, your spouse/partner becomes more insecure themselves. True story. Because you are so critical of yourself they believe you will be critical of them. Negativity feeds off of negativity. 

Want a strong, healthy, loving relationship? Build your own self-esteem AND your partners. When you are fully confident in yourself, you  no longer need to constantly talk about yourself to feel good. You don't need to have others talk about your awesome qualities either. So, when you feel yourself to be truly beautiful you have more time to build others, enjoy life, listen to stories and love the skin you're in. 

Is there anything wrong with improving what you already have? Not at all. But make sure to awknowledge how amazing you are to begin with. Go for a healthier you. Don't focus on what your body looks like, but what  your body can do. Let others know how wonderful they are, and never let anyone hear you say something negative about yourself. Accept compliments gracefully. 

That is what I am going to try to do.

This is MY revolution.

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