Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Hero's Welcome

My husband is home for the Holidays!!!!!

I could not be more excited.

Just a story worth sharing: I was waiting for Stephen at the airport. And I thought I would pass out before he actually got here. I was just bouncing around, trying really hard to hold still. The airport was crowded with a bunch of people with signs for missionaries coming home. They all smiled at me indulgently, probably thinking I was waiting for a missionary.

I saw Stephen coming around the corner from his reflection in the glass and I promised myself that I would hold still.

I lied to myself.

As soon as he got out from that long hallway I found myself running towards him and throwing myself in his arms. The whole airport burst into cheers. It sounded like we had just won a big football game or something. Everyone was yelling, clapping and cheering like crazy. And it went on for a while. We made it to the back of the crowd and just held each other for a minute and then made our way to the escalator.

As we went up, people below saw us and again started cheering.

It was awesome.

And I think that for the first time ever, the outside world sounded exactly like how I was feeling.

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  1. What a great story! I'm glad you have your man again for the holidays!