Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Months Sabbatical

Hello world! Sorry about the delay... I didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth or anything. After Christmas break and spending time with Stephen I kind of retreated into the cave. (The Cave - n. A place of hiding and wallowing in self pity when a sad event has occurred. Usually accompanied by loss of interest in the world, weight gain and much watching of TV).

But! I'm back. Very much so. And doing better than ever (minus a horrible, rotten, no good, awful, stupid cold).

To catch the world up on life, here are a few things that have happened since we last talked (well since I last talked. Y'all don't say very much)
- School
- Work
- More school
- More work

Man, my life is boring. That and I don't exactly remember all of my various adventures.

Anywhoo, I do have a couple of things to talk about. Forgive me if I wax long and lyrical. (Ok, maybe not lyrical, but it sounded pretty good.)

I have had monstrously bad luck the past week. Stephen surprised me with a visit home last weekend! This was of course the same weekend my body decided it was high time we got sick. The whole weekend he was here I was running a fever, had a blinding headache and was losing my voice in small degrees. I wanted to find my karma and give it a piece of my mind, and then solve world hunger to get back on it's good side.

After Stephen left I got so sick I ended up in the Doctor's office. I had a horrible, horrible sore throat and sinuses so blocked we would need to bring back the Union Pacific Rail Road company to open them up again. And I had lost my voice so completely I could barely whisper. My throat was so inflamed and congested and icky that they were worried I would do some damage to my vocal chords (stop that cheering! I would still talk lots, it would just be in a hoarse, whispery voice). I ended up with some crazy strong cough syrup and nasal stuff. We're talking, I couldn't drive on that stuff. It was pretty awesome.

Well, same night as the fateful doctor's visit I was driving one of my dear friends home (cough medicine had worn off) and on the way home we say a gaggle of ducks. It was random. There is no pond or anything near by. But there was a farm-like place so I figured they belonged there. Well, after dropping her off I turned around and was on the road when out of nowhere this duck tried to take off in front of me.

Sad to say, I killed a duck. I pulled to the side of the road to see how hurt it was. It was flapping and quacking and limping and flailing about. It ended up on the side of the road, twitching and.... dying. All of it's duck friends came up and were prodding it with its head, quacking in a very worried fashion. And then... nothing. It was dead. I was devastated. I cried. I had killed my favorite animal. And what do you do when you kill a duck? There was no collar, it was really late... I couldn't go knocking on the door apologizing for hitting their duck. I just feel so bad that I took this duck from it's duck friends. It was awful.

Rest in peace my little duck friend.

(More on my bad luck in the next post!)

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