Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Guys, I can stand on my head.


In less than a week I have learned to do a headstand. And it is pretty awesome. 

It all started last Wednesday when my husband pushed me out the door to yoga. I was in a depressive fog and was all, "I don't know.... blah blah blah excuses, blah, blah, excuses." And he was all, "Whatever, you're just full of excuses." And I was all, "Nu uh!!!"

And then I went.

Holy Aunt Jemima's Bloomers... Life changing.

Remember how on my birthday goals I said I wanted to do yoga consistently for three months? Well, I accidentally started it. And I am sooooo glad that I did.

I found a yoga teacher who just.... gently pushes me harder and harder. And on the second day of class, I was doing a headstand. The previous night I had introduced myself after class and mentioned that one day, once I was good enough, I wanted to learn how to do inversions. And the next day she said, "You've got the flexibility down. You've got the muscle. Let's do this."

And. I. Did. IT.

I am apparently superwoman. Cause I can just do things.

Last night, Day 3 of yoga, I did another kind of headstand (supported, but STILL) and I started learning how to do a forearm stand. 

And I had an incredible interview that went remarkably well.

And I had horchata. 

Gratitude is just pouring out of my heart. I am so grateful and happy for all that I have suddenly been given.

But the crazy part? It was there the whole time. This untapped potential. This desire and drive and ambition. The whole time. It has been waiting patiently for me to open my eyes and step out of the small box I have created for myself.

What could you do if you stepped out of your box? What potential is lurking just outside your comfort zone?

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  1. you are so sweet! i love that you pushed yourself and it sounds like you have a great teacher.

  2. hi jeannie, i found you thru blog hop. I wonder if you want to follow each other? :)


  3. Way to go! That's wonderful you are accomplishing goals! Great question! If I went out of my comfort zone, I would be as great of a runner as you are ;)

  4. Awesome! Makes me want to go and get on my yoga mat right now... although it would take me more than 3 days to get into a head stand! =)