Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Starting Over

Starting over can be hard. Especially when it is something you've never done before, because then it is just starting. But when it is something you've done before, and you just have to start at the beginning it can be tough.

Just remember, give it a week. Keep trying. Maybe it won't work out, but give it a week.

Mascara can be tricky, I know. I'm starting over with a whole new bottle this week. And new brushes don't always give me the perfect lashes I am looking for. But remember, patience. Everything will work out. Your eyelashes will be just as beautiful. Sometimes it is adjusting.

And if you are trying a whole new kind, well don't be afraid to walk away if it does not work out for you. Remember, this is your life. You do what makes you happy. Do not be held back by other people pushing you into a product you do not want to use.

You are strong. Do what feels right.

After all, they are YOUR eyelashes.

*I am sincerely hoping y'all picked up on the satirical streak in this post... otherwise you probably think I'm crazy. And you would probably be right...

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  1. Hmm...that sounds super familiar! ;) Get your long lashes together! :P

  2. You are awesome! I love reading all your posts no matter what they are! Keep writing!