Wednesday, November 28, 2012

22 for 22

Guys, this is going to be EPIC.

Are you ready? I kinda stole an idea from Kaileigh @ Somehow Chaotic (thanks girl!).

So here is what's going to happen: I have 22 goals to accomplish before I turn 23. 22 for 22. Got it? I am really excited about these goals. Since making them I have started to feel more motivated and alive and excited! (too cheesy? I thought so... but it is how I feel, so we'll just have to deal)

As each goal is crossed off the list I will write about it and give you an update! You can check back to this post whenever you want to know where I am at. Feel free to come along for the ride. You can work on some of my goals, create your own or just cheer me on (I love me some cheering!).

So here we go.

My 22 Goals
  1. Read at LEAST 22 new books (Half of which have to be Classics)
  2. See the Grand Canyon
  3. GRADUATE!!!
  4. Run a 10K
  5. Take yoga classes for at least 3 months consecutively.
  6. Go to at least 5 new museums/art galleries.
  7. Finish my story.
  8. Learn how to make horchata (really, really good horchata)
  9. Crochet something useful/pretty.
  10. Go on a girls-only road trip.
  11. Go dancing with my hubby.
  12. Get a short story "published" (in print or on a website)
  13. 22 outings/visits with friends.
  14. Get a cat (this one is VERY important).
  15. Learn how to hula (not hula hoop, the dance).
  16. Make a quilt.
  17. Take a self defense class.
  18. Learn to ski.
  19. Go outdoor rock climbing.
  20. Go camping (more than once!)
  21. Watch 5 movies in French WITHOUT subtitles, and understand them.
  22. Get a massage.

I am taking suggestions for what books I should read (I've got a pretty big list, but I love to hear your suggestions!). I will be publishing this list as a page and will add to it when I can.

I am so excited for this journey! It is going to be a fun year. What goals do you have for yourself?

Also, because this was perfect timing on T-Swizzle's part:

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  1. Good luck with your goals!

    Also, hi! I'm a new follower from the Blog Hop :)


  2. Glad I could inspire you. Good luck!
    And from my personal experience, I think it's kind of funny how I made my list and I see my life going in a totally opposite direction. Some of my goals will just be impossible with how my life is changing. And I only made that list two months ago. It's crazy! But I'll be excited to look back in October to see how far I've come or why I wasn't able to do other things. You'll love it too!

    1. I am excited to see what happens! I hope I can get at least my favorite ones done...

  3. Way to go Jeannie!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you and wanting to accomplish so many goals! Way to be! I will be your cheerleader along the way! You can do it Jeannie! I love how your goals are totally reachable and I am fully confident this will be the best year yet! As for me, my only goal is to get to my ideal weight and that's plenty for me to focus on ;) Good luck to you!

  4. Yeah, - good luck indeed. I think No.6 would top the list for me.....always wanted to visit a proper gallery!

  5. Awesome list! Quite a few of your 'to dos' are on my unofficial list as well.

    New follower, found you on the FtoF blog hop :D

  6. nice and funny list!~ Good luck with watching the movies without subtitles.
    by the way I just followed you wanna follow each other.