Monday, April 9, 2012


What is this exactly? Well, let me tell you.

My whole life I have been shopping at thrift stores, garage sales and clearance isles. People would never guess where my clothes came from, and when they would ask, "Where did you get that adorable top?!" I would shrug and say, "Thrift store."

I never had any brand loyalty. I just liked what I liked and wanted it to look good.

But when people found out where most of my clothes came from they would say things like, "Really? I wish I knew how to shop at thrift stores." Or "I didn't know you could find things like that at a thrift store, you should teach me!"

Little did I know that shopping must be taught. But it must. There are certain rules that must be followed to really make it a good experience.

But that isn't what I am really here to tell you. Nope. My main goal was to create a site where women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and budgets could come and get inspiration. I wanted a place where women didn't have to feel like they had to fit a mold, but find their own style and be true to who they are. I want each and everyone to feel beautiful. I want each and everyone of you to accept who you are and never feel like you have to change to fit in.

I want you to be you.

So this is a place you can come to for inspiration on different styles, hair, make-up or DIY. Want to learn to Up-Cycle? Great! Let's do it. When we show you something we are wearing/making we are keeping things on the thrifty side. Meaning, we will rarely be showcasing anything we spent over $15.00 on. Of course somethings *cough* jeans and boots *cough* will inevitably be more than that sometimes. But we are really trying to show you that fashion can be affordable!

 Another goal: I want to showcase a smorgasbord of styles and women so that everyone feels like they can relate to someone.

Enter our Resident Fashionistas! I have some wonderful friends and talented women (and men!) involved in creating a wonderful, uplifting, diverse place. Each contributor has a unique style, talent, background and story to share with you. We are all different sizes, and I don't think any of us would really raid the other person's closet all that often. We are unique, and that is something to celebrate!

Our Fashionistas include:

Kimber - our resident artist! She did the absolutely incredible artwork in our header. She has been in on this since the beginning and has offered some incredible insight to me. (This girl is majorly talented and even does commissions!) She has a truly unique sense of style and I know that I am going to be learning a lot from her.

Chelsea - a new mom with a big heart, awesome style and the best outlook on life you've ever seen! She is a bubbly, frank, wonderful woman who is tackling motherhood with joy, persistence and a sense of humor. You'll fall in love with her (and her adorable baby boy) the second you meet her.

Bri - this girl looks like a real life barbie (She is going to kill me for saying that, but it's the truth!) She is one beautiful woman and talented singer. She has a refreshingly positive outlook on life and style, and never fails to reach her goals. She is so confident in who she is that she has always been a big role model for me.

And then there's me. But if you want to learn more about me you can just go here.

We've got some awesome things all ready for you lovely people, including a weekly schedule! Tune in for some Make-Up Mondays, What We're Wearin' Wednesdays, Thrifty Thursdays and some awesome other things in between. Check back often, and if you want to see something let me know.

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