Friday, April 13, 2012

Mommy time!

I have always lived life as a curvy girl. Adjusting my outfits to fit all those shapes in nice and tight. :) Becoming a mommy was a whole new experience for me. My whole body changed! I have had this body for 27 good ol' years! It was working great for me! My hips, butt, boobs, waist, feet, and even hair had changed! I had to start all over with adjusting everything. I had this realization that altered my world. Why do I need to adjust?

 I decided then and there that I was fine the way I was. I love my curves and I felt like there was no need to hide them. I was now waving my curvy curve flag proudly. I started looking at clothes differently. Buying things that were a little out of I my comfort zone because I needed to shake things up. It was a bonus that all the pieces that I bought were under $10! I was also desperate not to lose myself and who I was. It is so hard when you are a mom 100% of the time. I needed the retail therapy as well. I loved that I had all the fun of shopping without any of the guilt of how much I was spending. I think that there is a way to dress for your age, dress for your body type, and not look like a mom. :)

 I am on the road to figuring that out and by reading this blog and being on our site, you are joining me on an awesome journey.

A little bit of my journey:


24 Weeks:
 37 Weeks:
Post Baby:

And (of course) my adorable little man!