Monday, April 23, 2012

Faux Undercut

Today we have a wonderful post from our awesome artist, Kimber!

p.s. Sorry about the delay in posts. Between getting ready to move and finals week for everyone, it's been one crazy disaster!

Here are eight easy steps to achieve your faux undercut (for those of us who want to show a little bad-itude without shaving our heads).

1. Part your hair as far to the side as you feel comfortable.

2. Section off a square of hair from your part to behind your ear, and secure the rest of your hair away from that area.

3. Separate your hair into three or four horizontal rows. Pin up each one separately.

4. (Optional) Consider wetting your hair at this point to avoid frizzies and strays.

5. Starting with the bottom, french braid each row away from your face. Make it good and tight. (Optional) If your not a fan of french braiding, you instead can try twisting along each row for a more temporary, but faster, fake undercut.

6. At the end of the row, you can secure it with either a bobby pin, or a small hair elastic (the kind they give you for braces). Keep in mind that a bobby pin will gradually loosen, while an elastic can be washed and stay in indefinitely. (Optional) Consider braiding the row all the way to the end of your hair for a different look.

7. Continue braiding each row all the way up, taking care not to accidentally braid stray hairs into it.

8. Enjoy your new "Undercut!"

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