Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning

With all these fun new posts and getting more and more creative with my clothes to create outfits, I thought it was time to organize my closet. Not to mention, high time I got rid of some things I've had since high school.

So this is what it looked like before:

Kind of a mess. I couldn't find anything. The lesson here, when you can see all your clothes you'll actually be able to make some decent outfits and keep things fresh and new. (Did you know that I had a drama sweatshirt in there from when I was 14?!)

I really got rid of a lot of things. I was surprised especially by how many shoes I got rid of.

Here is criteria I use for getting rid of an outfit:
1. Do I wear it often? (Have I worn it more than once in the past month? Two months? 6.78203 months?)
2. Do I look good in it? (We're talking smokin' hot. Or, an awesome "fat day" shirt that camouflages everything even though I don't look runway ready)
3. Do I absolutely, 100% love it? (Or, do I have any bad memories associated with it? I had a couple of shirts that reminded me of retarded old boyfriends *note: they were my shirts. Not one's that they gave me*)
4. Does my husband love it? (I had a shirt that was on my, "Ah, can't think of anything else to wear. Might as well..." list. But my husband did not, I reapeat did not, like it.)
5. Does it fit my style? (Like I said, I had stuff from high school in there. My style has changed radically since then. Some basic pieces can last a while, but others need to find a new home)

Some things are just too cute to give away, but I don't wear them or it doesn't fit into my style. That is when I think of someone I know that would love it and look good in it. And I can give it away with a good conscience knowing that someone else will enjoy looking awesome.

Ok, so it might not look totally organized. But I do have the in-season stuff accessible, and everything is color coordinated(ish). I loved seeing all of the things and colors I had to work with. 

Here is everything I gave away!

So maybe it's time to go through your closet and start chucking those un-loved, un-wanted, unattractive pieces you have and see what you have to work with. You'll be surprised at how fun it can be to discover old things that will really great with those jeans of yours. Or maybe you'll love the "organized" feeling that comes from rearranging things.

Here's your challenge: Try to get rid of a few things and make some more room for the pieces you love. And then, tell us all about it! What did you find? How did you feel? Did you create an incredible new outfit?

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