Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dear everyone,

I have not meant to neglect you. I have just been working 13 hour days. I don't really have time to BREATHE, let along blog!

But I have missed y'all, and I have some good stories for everyone. Sadly, I only have time for this morning's adventure.

You see, it is kinda freezing cold here.

See, FREEZING. And it was even colder when I left this morning!

So I go outside, and I know it is cold and all, but it is an absolutely stunning morning. So I was happy. Until I got in my car, and realized I had NO gas. I would be lucky if I made it to the gas station.

I did make it to the gas station, and then it went downhill from there.

Remember how I said it was cold? Well, it was really cold. Like, freeze my gas cap cold.

So I tried opening the gas cap by prying it open with my keys.

No such luck.

I decided, hey my water in my water bottle is definitely warmer than outside, I'll try that! And then the water froze on impact.


So I went inside the gas station and asked, pretty please, if they would give me some HOT water with which I would de-freeze my gas cap. They all laughed at me, but gave me what I needed.

So I got to start my morning out by freezing my toes off to put gas in my car. The lucky part is, the view was pretty amazing.


  1. I'm in the great south and it was 71 today!! Now we have a cold from coming to reduce the temp to low 40s and are facing possible tornadoes! Crazy!!

  2. So sorry you had a crazy freezing morning ;) Hope things get better for you!

  3. Oh man!! That is no fun! That's why I always make sure to 'suggest' we take my car on an outing together when I know my tank is below half full and I have Angel fill it up while we're out so that I don't have to go to the gas station in winter. I really hate freezing at the gas station! :P