Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Gift Conundrum

Holy Crap this Christmas season is trying MURDER me!

Good thing I love it so much :)

I haven't written in a while due to working massive amounts of overtime. (Yesterday I clocked in 12 1/2 hours. Fun stuff, right?) But now, now I am going to write for a few minutes about gifts.

You see, gifts mean different things to different people. I never realized that until I got married.

Ever heard of the 5 love languages? (If you haven't, and you are in a relationship you MUST look into them. Talk about explaining a lot. You can find more info here.) Well, my husband's love language is gifts. I did not score a single "gifts" in the questionnaire. So to say that I do not understand this whole gifts thing would be a huge understatement. But once I realized how important it was to my husband, I started putting some effort into things.

For me, the gift is special if a lot of thought/time/effort is put into it (Quality time ladies and gentlemen. That is MY love language) And, for some reason, it is also incredibly important to me that it is a surprise. And, of course, because this is very important to me it is also nearly impossible to do. My husband is intuitive and nosey and has been trained how to put A and B together to get C.

Yeah. Que me doing everything humanly possible to make something a surprise.

Problem, my husband can read me better than an open book. I am like a narrated slide show. It is a problem. But I am determined, DETERMINED I tell you!, to surprise him this Christmas.

I've been going to great lengths, and doing my absolute best to be as sneaky as possible. Sadly, in all of his guessing, he has come close to guessing exactly what it is. He hasn't been dead on. But close.

I believe I might have threatened to murder him if he continued to make intuitive guesses.


I feel doubly sorry for my husband. He is actually quite easy to shop for. He likes things. Which is great! I know what video games, movies, clothes, knives, guns, electronics he likes.

I am not so easy to shop for. I would rather do things, than have things. He knows what kind of clothes I like, and that there are some movies I want. But it took a while for BOTH of us to figure out what in the world I would want! We finally decided on things that would help me do things. Like warm, waterproof boots for winter hiking.

How do gifts work in your family? Are gifts more important to some than to others?

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  1. Gifts are tricky--because how and what you give change so much determined by who the receiver is! My husband is pretty hard to shop for--considering the fact that he really likes to be surprised by presents taken with the fact that most of the things he typically wants are so specific or he's so picky that it's better if he picks them out himself!