Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stress Level + Serenity Saturday

Everyone handles stress differently. Heck, I handle stress differently depending on exactly how much stress there is.

Stress level 4 - slightly uptight, short temper, stress eating.
                   Scenario: a lot of work to be done, but only a little time. And most of the tasks are either boring or frustratingly involved and complicated. This level is not life threatening for friends and families, still have the ability to be extra nice to frustrating customers. Secretly have a bag of fritos in the desk drawer I am inhaling.

Stress level 7 - very tightly wound, all pretense of patience is gone, not eating at all.
                       Scenario: so much work to be done I start thinking about hiring two assistants (one to help me with the work at work, one to fold the mountain of laundry at home). Not only is there work at work, but there is so much homework at  home its like trying to swim through a lake sized pool filled with paper. No respite any where. No sleep either. Husband is in danger of being glared to death. Irrationality has taken over. Surviving on a diet of water and desperation. (irritating customers beware, I have a closet full of people  that used to be just like you.)

Stress level 10 - snapped, unsure of what emotions are being felt, tendency to laugh and cry simultaneously (for no reason), have surrendered self to the horrible inevitability of life.
                        Scenario: working 10 hour days, only to come home and do homework until 2:00 am. Not a dent has been made in the pile at work or at home despite the long hours of trying. Instead of stressing, I regress into an obnoxious child for a while. This includes making up ridiculous songs while I just simply do nothing, because nothing I do makes a difference. I often practice my growling or other animal noises. Husband is thoroughly annoyed because one wrong word can set me off into hysteria of either tears of laughter. Or both. All thought of eating is in the past.

Stress level 13 - I'm dead.
                         Scenario: I'm dead.

I don't know how y'all handle stress, but that seems to be my way. Poor husband has to put up with the brunt of the insanity. He handles it pretty well. Just another reason I am sooooo glad I married the man.

Ok, now it is story time. I am going to tell you what happened the other night, and you can guess which stress level I was at! Sounds super fun, right?! (I promise that I know you're not a 7 year old watching Sesame Street. Really.)

I had the privilege, no the honor, of working a 9.5 hour day (which wasn't as bad as the 10.5 hour the day before, but I digress). I drove home knowing that I had to do more work that night than I had any other night this week. The homework was like a huge monster under the bed, and it was time to take my flashlight and vanquish the beast!

Only, I was sick of the grindstone. And work. And homework. And I hadn't had time to shave my legs in over two weeks. (That is just wrong people. Just plain wrong.) So instead of doing homework, I took a quick shower, and shaved finally, and then lay on the bed and growled.

Yes, growled. As in tiger/lion/cougar growls. I am a horrible growler. When Stephen finally asked why in the world are you just laying there growling?! I had the perfect and logical answer for him.

"I am practicing my growls, because you growl better than me. And when we have kids, if I can't growl properly they will like you more and my life will be OVER."

Told you it was logical.

After growling I made up annoying songs and sang them loudly to my husband. And I laughed for about five whole minutes for no apparent reason. And finally, I settled down to read about the change in gender roles during Jim Crow in North Carolina. And write a paper. And write another paper.

So... what level do you think I was yesterday?

This is why the Serenity Project is so important to me right now. I really need to focus on breathing, de-stressing and being a happier, healthier me. This way I have a clear view of what I need to have more serenity.

Join in the fun! Add your link below on how you are going to try to achieve peace and serenity during this Christmas season.  We don't have any rules. I, of course, would love it if you would follow me. But you don't have to if you don't want to.

I hope to see you next week and hear an update on how the Serenity Project has worked for you.


  1. I love this idea. I'm already working on the daily meditation and yoga, but not the journal... I have a feeling that will be a great addition!

    Thanks for hosting this.


    1. Thanks for joining! I love your Charity of the Month idea. That is brilliant. I am so glad you joined us!

  2. I'M SO VERY SORRY YOU ARE STRESSED RIGHT NOW! If there was any way I could take some stress away from your life I would! It kills me to see you go through this and I esp DON'T want to see you at stress level 13!!!!!!! It would kill me if that ever happened to you cause you are stressed! I know these next few weeks are going to be tough but please know I'm always here for you and so is the Lord! He's helping you every step of the way! I pray for you everyday and I'm so thankful you have a good husband by your side! You're awesome and you can get through this! God bless you in all you do!

  3. Hi! New follower from the "Followers to Friends" blog party

    Although I know you're incredibly stressed, I had to laugh.out.loud at the growling portion. I have those exact type of days. Where everything has gone wrong, it's been exhausting and you (insert I) get home and just begin hysterically laughing. And I can't stop. I'm lucky my husband is also supportive and hasn't locked me up yet! haha

    Good luck with school/work combination. Its rough stuff, but it'll be worth it soon enough.