Thursday, November 29, 2012

Woulda Look at that Gift?!

So, a week ago today was my birthday! And it was a great, wonderful, fantastic day! (And it was also Thanksgiving). So I thought that I would show you guys some of my wonderful presents. I did not get pictures of all of them (yet!) but here are a few:

My wonderful friend Ashley MADE this for me. Like... from scratch. Talk about talent (and patience!)

Adorable, right?! Now I have a good place for all my jewelry. I've known this girl since I was 13 and she has excellent taste, and she is hilarious. I love her oodles!

Yet another wonderful gift (that can hang on my jewelry holder above!) was from my sweet sister-in-law Julianne. I have been wanting one of these for weeks, and she totally surprised me with it!

My husband totally spoiled me this year with new clothes (YES!) and one of my favorites was this really nice dress from Down East Basics.

Sorry about the horrible "picture in the mirror" thingy...

My sister-aunt (we grew up like sisters, shared a room for several years and her kids call me "Aunt Nini") knows my weakness for office supplies. How amazing is this?!

My dad gave me some awesome gifts (among them, canned food, grape juice and fuzzy socks. All inside jokes and they were awesome!) But the best one was the movie Brave. He says he gave it to me because "I always do what I want, no matter what anyone else thinks." Thanks dad!

He wrapped it in a large, deceiving box!

You see that amazing artwork in the background of the above picture? My little siblings/cousins made it for me. They spent hours working on it (much to the adults satisfaction, they could make Thanksgiving dinner in peace!).

I love these kids like crazy. (the blondies are my little sisters)

Yay for new things! I officially have a One Wish Short... of Paradise facebook page! Go check it out, give it a like if you'd like (see what I did there?) You can also follow me on twitter. And I am looking for people who want to do some ad/post swaps (you don't have to do a post swap to do an ad swap). So if you're interested, let me know :) (Also, if you have a cause you are really passionate about, let me know! I would love to create more awareness for it.)

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