Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bad Luck Continues...

For Christmas, my sweet husband bought me this beautiful necklace. It has three charms on it, one for each of our birth stones and then this wonderful little charm made of beaten silver with the etching "Rily" on it. (Rily stands for Remember I Love You).

This necklace means the world to me. I love it. So when my cat ate my birthday charm I was a little put out. At least I had the two most important things still, Stephen's charm and my Rily charm.

Well, last night my bad karma struck again (and so did my cat). I was taking the necklace off when my cat tried to put her paws on my chest. The necklace went flying and the charms disappeared. I heard a faint clanking, and my heart sank.

After searching the bathroom high and low, I found Stephen's birthday charm. But the silver one was no where in site. I kept on telling myself that id hadn't fallen down the sink. It just hadn't. It had to be somewhere. But after searching futilely for a very long time I had to come to the conclusion that it had indeed fallen down the deep, dark hole of my bathroom sink.

I pulled the stopper out carefully, looked down the hole and thought I saw a glimmer of silver. I had a very long magnet strip that I brought out. I hoped that it would pick it up. No such luck. I tied sticky tack it up blue stuff to a paper clip and some floss. Didn't pick it up either. I got out my kitchen tongs. Nada. My fingers wouldn't quite reach.

It was that moment that I realized I must of shoved it down farther. And my heart sunk down to my toes. I pulled out the many, many, many half empty bottles from  underneath the sink, got a large bowl and took the sink apart. Disgusting slime and gross sludge came oozing from the sink. It was so revolting. But I kept at it. I pushed my long magnet up the pipe and scrapped the edges. I cleaned out the trap. I tried not to puke at the green masses of hair and other unrecognizable bits that were collecting in the bowl.

After a while, I realized everything was cleaned out. I looked into the sludge sloshing around in the bowl and realized... I would have to sift through it. Over an hour had passed at this point and I was beyond the point of caring. I thrust my fingers into the mass of vomitrotciousness and started sifting. After half an hour, I had to realize that it was no use. I had lost it.

I cleaned up the bathroom in utter defeat. I didn't even have the energy to cry. After putting everything to rights (and noticing how much faster the sink drained) I started taking the bobby pins out of my hair. I opened my top drawer and low and behold, in a little metal box my bobby pins go in was the charm.

Did I curse? No. Did I look to the heavens in despair and gratitude? Yes. I can't believe I spent so much time looking for something that was sitting safely in the drawer the whole time. It just goes to show you, you've got to look close and never give up. Even if it means some invasive, amateur plumbing.

P.S. - this week I also managed to get the mother of all bloody noses. No idea how it started or why. Talk about annoying. I almost went to the hospital I lost so much blood and couldn't get it to stop.

P.P.S. - Did I mention that this week was my spring break and I have spent almost all of it on the couch being so sick I wish I could die?

P.P.P.S. - The End.

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  1. I'm so sorry you had such a crazy time looking for that charm-pretty disgusting if you ask me but I'm so glad you found it! That gives me such a sigh of relief! I was so worried you had lost it forever but I'm glad it's found! Sorry things aren't quite going your way but I know you're amazing and you can handle anything that comes your way! I love ya!